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  1. Hi, For past few months I was puzzled by the car giving me a few light shakes on idle every now an then. These jerks last a sec. or two, and are are a bit stronger when starting from cold engine, and they are more pronouced when the engine temp gauge passes about the first mark on the dash. On normal operating temp. the effect is very light, however still noticeable, as these V8s should be super-smooth if running properly. Today I've connected the Techstream, and read the monitors. I have misfires detected on Bank 1, - cyls 1, 3, 5, 7. As you can see on the pic, cyl. 1 seems to be the most affected (26 counts), cyl. 3 (24), cyl. 5 (8), and cyl 7 (2). There are no other fault codes, check engine lights, etc. I have taken the VVTi valve of bank 1 out - it is clean, moving freely, the coil seems to have the right resistance (about 7.5 ohm). Also when idling, the voltage on the valve is about 1.5 V. Any ideas? Would this be a symptom of the VVTi valve starting to fail?
  2. Hi, just to chip in. My LS430 on LPG for almost 30k miles, also fitted in Poland, no flashlube - the installer told me flashlube was a waste of money for the 3UZ FE engine. Everything in top order so far. Compression as if the engine was new. Also had the filler fitted under the fuel flap.
  3. I'll try to find my LS430 LPG papers and post the list of equipment here soon. Yes, that's true, It is unlikely though you'll have a post-install problem, but there is also a question of warranty. To retain their 2yrs warranty you must do regular service intervals with them, if I remember correctly it's every 10 000 mile-ish (15 000km). All they would usualy do is to replace the liquid phase and gass phase filters (that cost 20PLN, less than £5), double-check all critical parts and components, charge you 150PLN (about £30) and off you go.
  4. Thanks. I thought the Sport/Normal switch is for suspension not the transmission, simply because if i press Sport, a green icon of a shock absorber lights up on the dash....
  5. how about the sport/normal mode? Also no difference?
  6. Oh, no, I meant other authorities like DVLA. I know the tunnel bans LPG. It's rather obvious to me that if you do the LPG install in the UK it is the installer's job to conform to all domestic LPG standards. But let's say one day you go with your UK car and do the LPG install abroad, be it Poland or Germany, you name it. What is going to happen next? Who is going to assess that the install conforms to norms and regulations of the UK. I can easily imagine a situation that you could be kicked out by MOT people, declined insurance or something worse.
  7. Btw, guys, please go there and share with me some thoughts, as it seems I didn't get much attention :)
  8. Just one reply? no one else got an experience to share? Even, if you have to say - "yes, mine is the same" I would be grateful and sleeping better :)
  9. Hi Jon, Driving solely for the LPG install - probably not a good deal. Depending on where in the UK you are, you would probably burn £300-400 petrol to drive the LS to Warsaw + the cost of the trip back on LPG say 200-ish. My install costed 5500 PLN including a bigger LPG tank - you do the math, the ex. rate fluctuates. The cost of instal is not cheap, especially for Polish conditions, but the reasons I did it this way are above (reliability, safety, good components), I could have done it easily for half the price in a shed of an LPG "magician" somewhere much closer than Warsaw, but at a great risk getting serviced by an arrogant idiot. Now there is the question of legality of the Polish install in the UK. The Warsaw guys gave me a bunch of certificates and homologation documents stating that the install conforms to all the safety standards to use it in Poland, and from what I enquired also ok for Germany and most of the EU countries. However, I cannot tell if this would be ok for the UK authorities, and how to go about legalising this install in the UK. As said, I don't bother, as I bought my LS for export. I believe you may find a good UK based installer. If you want details of my LPG kit, feel free to ask. I was told in Warsaw that the LPG kit they sold me was the best for the LS430 at the time. They could have easily milked my wallet and installed something more expensive, but they were honest. They dynoed and tuned the car as well, which is not what most installers do. I mean fine-tune the LPG install, not a chip-tunning.
  10. Something to clarify. As far as i know the Polish law, as of today, there is still no legislation forcing you to use winter tyres, BUT... as soon as we have the first snow fall I don't know anyone sane who keeps their summer tyres on. Many people don't just sit and wait for the snow but swap early/late November to stay on the safe side and avoid a kilometer long queue to the shops in December. Another story is when you cause or are involved in an accident without proper tyres - simply you are screwed, even if it's not your fault. Now, I understand Germany has similar rules - you can risk driving on summer tyres, but if you are caught wearing them on snow and/or ice you are screwed - and rightfuly. See this https://www.wbs-law.de/eng/road-traffic-law-eng/law-winter-tyres-germany-48118/ https://www.german-way.com/travel-and-tourism/driving-in-europe/driving/snow-tires-winter-driving/ This is all about being responsible, and knowing what you are doing and risking. It is not hard to imagine, and I've been several times in this situation: Winter, via Germany, amazing 3-4 lane motorway, mountains, a lot of mighty hills, twists, dry conditions, everyone very fast and happy, and of a sudden the weather changes and we drive into a snow blizzard. Visibility very limited, good layer of snow under the wheels, a few huge hills (up and down) in front of me and nearest exit in 30-50km... Had I not got winter tyres then, I wouldn't have made it, also imagine the danger you could be to yourself and others. I don't know about France, but in Poland and Czech Rep. no mandatory snow chains (only option), Slovakia - mandatory to have snow chains.
  11. Well, definitely the cost of life in the UK is much higher than in Poland, therefore the price difference IMHO.
  12. yes, this is precisely (off centre) how it ended up on mine. It looks a bit worse comparing to the original IMHO, but.... I just wanted to get the car back on the road rather than investing time to do the necessary mods to make it look like the original. Good luck and enjoy.
  13. As far as I've seen stickers on LPG pumps in the UK they say adapters "not recommended", but definitely nothing like "illegal". I have 3 adapters, including my Polish domestic - btw it is natively Italian stadard. This covers me the whole EU, and who knows maybe Russia or other countries. The mount inside the flap is absolutely siff and sturdy and well secured. Honestly, I have never had a problem or worry with that. Also I remember when I was picking up the car, I have mentioned to the techs that It worries me a little all the weight of the LPG nozzle + the mighty cable, and it might just snap the adapter or the mounting from the socket. I was assured that this is not going to be the case, and if I have a slightest problem they will fix it for free. And they were right, no problems at all, not a slightest movement, or any visible stress on the material. I have absolutely no worries using it, nothing bends, deforms etc, good access from any angle. As far as the "legality" of the fuel flap goes - I'm a bit astonished, because it is all legal in Germany, Poland, and other countries I've visited. Anyway I'm not bothered, as I bought the car for exporting it to Poland, I'm no longer working or living permanently in the UK.
  14. Nice, I had to change both boxes to get there :-), Though keep an eye on them, especially if you notice rusty spots around the centre bottom of the back boxes, that's a sign of excess water accumulation from the exhaust gasses, most likely due to stuck and rusty flaps that sit inside the mufflers.