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  1. Well finally got my ux takumi back. They have fixed the only took 7 months and been in 3 times for a total of well over a month.The auto dip lights work fine and so does the blind spot monitor.Not bad to say they kept saying they were ok. Customer services have not been in touch to see if everything was ok.Perhaps I can now enjoy my new car after 7 month of moaning. Lexus have spoilt the whole experience of having a lovely new car.As I have said before this is my third brand new Lexus in less than 4 years Totalling over £120000 and even though I love lexus cars I won’t be having another.I can get this sort of treatment elsewhere for a lot less money.
  2. Hi Charlie. I have finally heard from Lexus .They are going to get 2 tech Men to test drive my car. One to drive and one to sit with the computer on his knee. Only took 3 months.To be fair l think it was the tech guys at Lexus headquarters that were dragging their feet and not Lexus Nottingham.And to be honest the customer sevice peaple at Lexus headquarters weren’t what I would have expected from a brand like Lexus. I must have phoned them 5 times and all they said was our technical dept are looking into it.l then would say will you keep me informed and they’d say yes but never phoned once. WATCH THIS SPACE
  3. Hi guys. Update on my lexus ux takumi which I purchased brand new in July 2019. My car is still at the dealers still getting nowhere.Been touch with customer relations 5 times they never get Back in touch with me, I always have to phone them. Lost count how many times I have phoned the dealers. Just get a load of lies like we are getting the tech man never happened.Then we are waiting for the area manager, never we are supposed to be waiting for the managing director.I will believe that when I see it. As i said in my my post I reported the blind spot monitor only picking vehicles 50% of the time on the passenger side.Its perfect on the driver side. And my auto dip headlights don’t dip blinding on coming traffic. Have to put it on manual. I hope lexus don’t try to make driverless cars because they will kill people. My car has been sitting in the dealers now for 15 days and hasn’t been touched. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING
  4. Hi herbie. Been back to dealer three times in fact it’s still there been in 10 days this time.I don’t expect this sort of treatment from lexus. This is my third brand new Lexus if they don’t sort it it will be last
  5. Blind spot monitor only 50% of the time on passenger side.Even when overtaking lorries with trailers. Also auto headlights hardly ever dip. I am constantly being flashed on coming traffic