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  1. Ok bit of googling and can see people have done this for IS the guide is -->here<-- Now Toms for a cable adapter for the IS and the GS. Looking at the part numbers they are exactly the same so should be same mod for the GS as the IS.. http://www.tomsracing.co.jp/e/comp/lexus/gs50/e_i/84702-ts001.html http://www.tomsracing.co.jp/e/comp/lexus/is45/e_i/84702-ts001.html Has anyone done this mod on a GS. I see a lot of people saying Lexus are fake gearshift, ones thing for certain shifting down does add engine/motor braking so its useful.
  2. So have had my GS450H for a few month, I'm enjoying it very much and can really hustle it round some undulating back roads. I have one frustration that is the manual shift up and down. I would like to have the gearbox shift to a higher gear by pulling back and push forward to change down. To me this seems like it should be really simple, anyone done this via hardware or software
  3. I had this same failure a few weeks ago after only owning for a month. Was a bit annoyed however I knew it was going to fail at some point just not in year 1! Possibly I helped it along with a very brisk drive on some undulating with big compression roads. Lucky I saved the back box and got Lexus Cambridge to sort, while becoming a Gold Member for the 10% discount. Lexus did manage to fix and leave me with a rather annoying heat shield rattle as broke the mounting hole for the shield, was not impressed. So complained and drilled the rivet out and fitted a large washer and bolt to remedy, would of took them 10 mins prior to refitting the exhaust, they need to look at their sign off process before giving back to a customer. Anyway the exhaust should last another 10 years and is nice a quiet as the CVT would never suit an aftermarket one with random revving. https://www.amazon.co.uk/clouddrive/share/8SqZYBB1CO99gEnfaKdhirapVYOkduU94YWRRefJ0tA?v=grid&ref_=cd_ph_share_link_copy
  4. The tape is not meant to be inserted on my design, however you could have tap inserted if you use a longer metal tab and it would hold tighter. When you take all the gears out the tape will no longer stay in the cassette player as it must detect no tension exists and classes this as a faulty cassette and ejects. Originally it was going to be fully inserted till I realise it keeps ejects one I stripped those internals. Next adjustment for me is adding a stop on the back of the metal bracket ie some soft foam material on the back. As you can poke it and it will go slightly inside then eject. Also going to add some of the soft side of velcro to make it a tighter fit.
  5. So I recently bought a 2008 GS450H, my 1st Lexus and I'm loving it. One of the area the things I wanted was a phone holder on the center console without sticking stuff to the dash and looking ugly. The center console has a nice big hole for a casset that I will never use so I made a cassette mounted magnetic mount. Hold the phone nicely. Will get some pictures in car, but feel free to copy and make your own similar solution. Parts used, some I already had around the house. Magnetic Car Mount Sugru Tape Cassette Adapter Repair Plate Dismantled the cassette and removed all the gears and internals. The trimmed down a hole for the Repair plate to be inserted padding out with the Sugru putty the screwing the tape back together. Adding some sugru to the front to make the solution more presentable, textured the finish with the spare gears from inside the tape. Leave to dry overnight.