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  1. Glennyboy1973

    Lexus brakes

    Oh well I'm glad I amused a few people that was the only option for me so I had to use them
  2. Glennyboy1973

    Lexus brakes

    Kwik fit fitted them
  3. Glennyboy1973

    Lexus brakes

    Hi I've had new discs and done a few weeks a go but getting whooo noise when breaking and can hear it a little while driving but defo louder whilst applying brake pedal could it be wheel bearings there's no juddering etc thanks
  4. Glennyboy1973

    More pics of lexus

    Here are some more pics
  5. Glennyboy1973


    Haha yes I put car wrong lol
  6. Glennyboy1973


    Thanks Rebecca x
  7. Glennyboy1973


    Had the car a few weeks had to get new discs and pads and a o2sensor car is good 130000 miles on clock really happy just need a bumper got a slight crack also a slight steering wobble at 50-60 mph I think it's tracking or balancing
  8. Glennyboy1973

    Is200 rear bumper

    Hi I'm looking for a rear bumper platinum ice I live in Kent area is there any one that might have or is there a lexus breakers or spares thanks glenn
  9. Glennyboy1973


    Hi my names Glenn I'm from Kent I've got a is200se auto my first lexus and I'm well happy just thought I would come and say hello