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  1. 2007 GS300LE paintcode

    Thanks for your help, just getting my head around Lexus/Toyota and the differences in paint colours. I'm guessing as long as I have the paint code I'm ok. Just received an original UK spec brochure for the GS LE. As ever, I had to laugh as in that brochure 1E0 is listed as Aleutian grey.....
  2. 2007 GS300LE paintcode

    Sorry dude...must be the heat! No, just me being daft.
  3. Newbie

    Thanks, it's been great. Also a big help that my brother in law is a manager for Lexus, so not too worried about excessive parts prices.
  4. 2007 GS300LE paintcode

    Sorry dude...must be the heat! No, just me being daft.
  5. 2007 GS300LE paintcode

    Hi I need to repair and repaint the front splitter on my GS. Paint code is 1E0. When I try to order paint, there seem to be two different colours, flint mica or dark grey. Anyone any idea which is correct? Thanks in advance.
  6. Newbie

    Thanks, I'll take one when she's been cleaned up. Just been to Angelsey so cars a bit grubby. Can you tell me where I would get advice on the paint code for my car? It's a gs300le which I thought was Aleutian grey but vin says 1E0 which is either dark mica or something else? Would quite like to know as front splitter needs repairing...thx
  7. Newbie

    Hi all Just introducing myself, not had a Lexus before but loving my 10 year old gs300 limited edition. Had mercs, Saab's but never had anything as good as this. Hope to chat on forums soon. Rob