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  1. leersv

    Carpet Floor mats

    Hello, New-ish to the Lexus fold with a 2014 RX450. Unfortunately it doesn't have front carpet mats, but does have the rear one. Ideally, I'm looking for just the fronts, in a dark colour as car is grey with a black interior. If anyone has some spare, i'd be very interested. Thanks Lee
  2. Hello, I am seriously considering buying a 2013/14 Rx450h and hope to pick one up before the end of the summer but before I do is there anything that I need to look out for or consider? Never having had a hybrid before my main concerns are avoiding damaged batteries and anything that I absolutely must or must not do. Also can anyone give me an indication of the running and servicing costs, please My other car is an RX7 and that is horrendous, but i'd like to have an idea of what i am signing up to before i have any surprises. At a cyclist does anybody carry bikes and if so, how? I presume a tow bar mounted carrier would trigger the rear sensors but can you fit roof rails to one with a sunroof? Finally at what mileage does they have their midlife crisis and require a significantly more thorough service? Apologies if any of this has been covered before, I couldn't seem to find it. Many thanks Lee