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  1. Very true. I know the right girl will come along lol
  2. I SEE THIS ONE! super lovely car and I really like it visually is perfect!... But I checked the Mot history and it's like a lottery.. it's failed nearly every mot it's ever had... And the brake line corrosion and exhaust gases failure worries me that I'm going to spending a lot of money very quickly... Dealer reviews arnt great either :-( maybe if I took a competent mechanic with me?
  3. Ideally I'd like the sat Nav just looks more modern. Buuuut I agree the gumtree one does look the better bargain. This is the final one I've seen which I think I would easily get for £2500 Look at this on eBay
  4. There's also this one Look at this on eBay
  5. Lol sorry thought I posted it
  6. Hi guys. There's a possibility that I MAY be able to get this car at £2800 am negotiating with the owner as we speak. What you guys think. It's an SE-L but doesn't have sat Nav???? Anywho good car bad car?
  7. Ah yea I could have extra money there if I need it Shahpor. Naturally would rather not borrow but if one does pops up then yea could have extra money. Yea i think you're right am now looking at the 60-70k mileage mark as opposed to the 120-140,000
  8. Thanks a lot gents. Really appreciate all the advice. The running costs i.e petrol won't be an issue it's just the purchase price. I can save and have a better budget no probs its just i had the 2.5k and am bit eager for a Lexus lol it's a case of wanting one now lol. I think il just hold out keep adding to the budget and if one pops up in my price range and condition great. U guys are awesome
  9. 😂😂😂😂 indeed my friend ......indeed
  10. Thank you Farqui. Im just so eager to get into a 250 lol but most 05-07 online are up for like £4500! Some are very over priced I've seen 05's with 140,000 for £4000. I guess I just have to be patient
  11. WOW shahpor thank you so much. I was like LITERALLY going to go view this car today and pull the trigger if it was ok. You've saved me a couple of grand mate lifesaver! So he SE has normal lights and centre console and the SE - L has xenon's and wood console? Also how did you check the not history and know it would need work soon? I don't know much about these cars so bit unsure what to look for
  12. Hey Paul. Yea I saw the light lol ironically there's now literally hundreds of dervs in my spec and price range lol but shall remain strong
  13. Also shahpor thank you that car looks great plus I have a body guy who could tidy it up anyway. I'm guessing though keys are super pricy
  14. Thanks Karen for the advice guys. I have no issue with a higher mileage car as once I've bought it il run il drive it til it does ( servicing her of course ) I've seen this one what you guys think
  15. Yea I had a look at that one Paul. Just a shame it's manual and I'm after an auto :-(