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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome guys. I will pop up some pics at some stage. Will probably never be a seriously impressive looking thing as I am more mechanical than cosmetic. Great fun all the same. Voetsak
  2. Morning all. I have just bought an LS400 MKIV. I have always wanted to own an older luxury vehicle, mainly due to the affordability factor and the fact that I enjoy working on cars. Anyway in the space of a week I have already replaced the front pads, used the spare set of mirrors provided in the boot to make two servicable mirrors, repaired the drivers side door panel that was falling off, fixed all three ciggarette lighters, polished the headlights (they were awful) and removed a totally clogged pollen filter (replacement coming). Also have had to order decent keys as the ones I got with it were terrible. Lots of little issues on this car but I am having great fun so far and cannot believe how comfortable and well specced it is for such a low price. Day to day car is a 3 series BMW, two totally different driving experiences but I am enjoying them both!