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  1. Dean48

    Ls400 ecu

    So after some digging I've found that the reason for my poor idling could be due to a capacitor problem with my ecu.Has anybody replaced there's or can anybody recommend someone or somewhere in the Birmingham area that could do the job for me.Thanks
  2. Dean48

    Poor idle

    I've put a new battery on my 2000 Ls400.The other one was flat as a pancake.Since doing so I'm having trouble with my idle.It just about ticks over but as soon as I pull off and stop she cuts out.She restarts fine but as soon as I stop the same thing happens.Before the battery change it was all good.So I'm a bit lost tbh
  3. I will see what the buy it now price is first mate.It would cost me more in fuel lol
  4. No mate only had her 2 weeks and never checked it.My bad
  5. You are the man Ste thank you so much.Ive sent him a message
  6. I found one on eBay for £35 sent 3 messages to the seller and got no response and now the item has finished.Im not having much luck
  7. It's my own fault I never checked it.Im hoping it just needs the magazine.Changing the CD player looks a nightmare
  8. Is anyone breaking a Ls400 mine is a 2000 plate and I'm after the CD magazine and I'm struggling to find one.Ive been told it's the pioneer one I need if that helps.Thanks in advance
  9. Just had my head lights done and I'm over the moon with the results.Before and after pics
  10. Dean48

    New member

    Seems to be ok.I know upgrading can be a pain
  11. Dean48

    New member

    Yeah I agree I did a lot of research into the Ls before buying it and found that most things aren't that expensive.And there's a big second hand market for them.Ive just got a pair of bonnet struts and the magazine for the cd player for £40 delivered.Not bad in my book
  12. Dean48

    New member

    It's my first lexus.Ive always had tuned and modified cars but due to an on going back problem I've just sold my seat leon cupra r mk1.So this is by far the best car I've ever owned for comfort and driveablity.its like nothing I've ever had.For the price it cost I'm shocked you don't see many more of them about to be honest.
  13. Dean48

    New member

    It's just done 121,000 I'm lucky it's got full service and just had the cam belt water pump and pulleys done
  14. Dean48

    New member

    Yep your right mate.But luckily my mate has his own detailing business so it's booked in tomorrow morning to get the headlights done.I haven't had her a week yet and can't find any faults with it.Im loving driving it what a car
  15. Dean48

    New member

    Good afternoon everyone I've just joined the club after becoming the proud owner of this 2000 Ls400