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  1. Buying a used Is200

    Thanks dude appreciated. That's one bloody clean ride there man, sweeet !!
  2. Buying a used Is200

    Okay I am an idiot, I found the proper thread just above in this
  3. Hey everyone, Just got to know this forum because I was thinking of getting a used IS200. Apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forum or there is already another thread like this. I am contemplating on getting a used IS200 (any age, hopefully 80-100k miles) and I was wondering if there are any pertinent problems I should look out for when viewing/testing the car. My family have owned a 2007/8 GS 300 before and I am familiar with the Lexus reliability (when maintained properly of course) but would like to just know the opinion of everyone here since this is an older car. Budget around 2k-2.5k with insurance. (I've never held a motor insurance in the uk before so I guess its around 1.2k). Hope all of you can put in your 2 cents, Cheers!