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  1. Hiya Dean...I'm slow to respond to your help with o2 sensor knowledge, it's only this morning that I have been able to get to it on the car. My question today is, did you ever know of a model that didn't actually have a third sensor fitted on the exhaust. I have had the necessary look as you described, but it seems like there never was one fitted.
  2. On a diagnostic, the readout gave a fault on the rear o2 sensor. Problem is there doesn't look like there is or ever was one. A you tube tutorial shows a guy getting at one in a round about way from under the carpet/front seat and more. But on investigation on my 2003 British model IS 200 nothing there is in this area. My question to the forum is: Is there a third sensor on our models, or only the two under the bonnet.
  3. Further to my posts of yesterday, my problem with the coolant sensor has not worked. The diagnostics said that a fault lays with either the sensor or coil pack (the car is running but not so good). I've had it running on idle and starting with the very front coil, disconnected the terminal block and the car just runs lumpy for a few seconds before cutting out, so i connect again and start the engine again and move onto the others one by one. They all behave in the same way When I try the same individual disconnection of the injectors one by one, 5 of the cylinders act the same as each other ie: the car runs but just alters a little by sound etc. On number 1 piston when i disconnect the running of the engine doesn't alter (or seem not to) in any way at all. My first thought is that maybe this injector is not working anyway, so is possibly causing the cars ill health. Can anyone offer some insights into this for me?
  4. Hi Dean, So it is fitted on the right side of the Cylinder Head, it's not a bad job: alternator off first, then the cowling behind it and you will see the sensor with a green terminal block, once unplugged i found it best to break off the long plastic connector (a little tap with hammer and heavy screwdriver), this allows a direct fit for a 19mm socket onto the unsubstantial brass sensor---out and new one in. Thank you to all replies.
  5. Hi Dean, It makes me smile to think i'll get away with the job this easy, but on your assertion that this is the one i'm gonna give it a go. i'll let you know how it pans out.
  6. Hi Dean, Thanks for the reply, i'd been trolling the internet and came up against conflicting opinions. I just need clarification on what i see when looking down at the bottom of the radiator: yes there is a sensor but with a black plug (no biggy i think), but i've also come across a blog that says it is fitted on the cylinder head right hand side in a very awkward place.
  7. Can someone tell me where to find the coolant sensor on a 2002 is 200 as i need to check it out for a possible fault?