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  1. Thanks for the reply , this was on my list, just putting as much info as to what's happening to try and narrow this problem down. The car is great apart from this smoke issue and the reduced 34-35mpg from the usual 39-40mpg The 5th injector - is it a case of complete replacement and some ecu updates? just trying to gauge the type of garage to take it to . Want to avoid Lexus Main dealer if I can. My nearest would be Chester What kind of bill could I expect for this work? Thanks for assistance
  2. Posted on here previously about continual problems with White Smoke Car went into limp mode at 120k and I feared that the dpf was blocked again. It had a dpf doctor clean back in October 2017. I did a diy with Wynnes dpf cleaner and managed to get the lights out so that I could at least drive the car. Took it to a local garage for diagnostics - they found the dpf pressure to be 2.1mbar and could not find any other fault . They suggested a new egr valve if the white smoke problem persisted. They had cleaned it up as part of the diagnostics I purchased a new genuine Lexus EGR valve and fitted it myself - battery disconnected during the fit.. Although the car is much better performance wise - the white smoke is still pounding out - sometimes before the engine is fully warmed up, but mostly when the engine is warmed up when I stop and start. Also a puff when I accelerate sharply in 4rth on a motorway. Oil level is always ok - Coolant level is always ok . MPG 35 The only niggle with performance is a slight blip when you go from 5th to 4rth or 4rth to 3rd - apart from that it drives pretty good . Its only the smoke that's the problem!!! Any pointers would be appreciated................
  3. Ok thanks - was thinking about egr as the last time it was cleaned I think was as at 70k ish I have seen the you tube videos online although it does look straightforward - would still be too fiddly for my liking will get someone to strip it down for me Thanks
  4. Thank you for the reply - just seen techstream for £19.95 on ebay - so probably worth a try to begin with
  5. Car has just had the major 100k service at Lexus. Lexus could not find anything wrong regarding the white smoke problem - only advising it could be something to do with the dpf filter Although the car runs ok - mpg down from where it should be, currently at 36mpg - white smoke is still persistent - bellowing out when engine is warm but not every day. Can anyone recommend a good independent Lexus garage in the North West area - need to get this investigated further
  6. IS220d - 108k 4 months ago the engine management light came on along with the traction control - did not go into limp mode but mpg down to 34mpg from 40mpg Got some Wynne Extreme Diesel Clean and filled up with Shell V power - seemed to do the trick with a good blast and all lights went out. MPG crept up to 37mpg. However I did have an intermittent problem with White smoke pouring out of the exhaust once the engine was up to temperature - after around 40 miles travelling. Thought the dpf was going into regen so would give the car a good blast if the road conditions were right , whenever this white smoke appeared. Did not do anything else about it.... Last week lights came back on , and this time no power whatsoever, car would not go over 40mph. Just the same engine management light and traction control. Called the dpf doctor and for £240 the lights are off and power restored. He said the dpf filter was blocked. For a few days after the White Smoke was pretty bad - again when engine was warm . I disconnected the battery overnight and White smoke does seem to have gone - MPG up to 38mpg - car running ok but not at its best I don't think. Need the car to last another 12 months so looking at other investigations I can carry out to look for any underlying problems - oil and coolant levels always been ok. Any tips appreciated