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  1. thank you for all the messages guys
  2. Hello All, im new to the forum signed up to ask a few question. My dad currently owns a 2002 is200 auto and im going do a service on the car. ive been searching the forum and all the information i found about the car i want to confirm or need part number for. basically the cars on 140k i was going use 5w40 fully synthetic oil as i heard it is better to use 5w40 when the cars on high millage? correct me if not, depends on price i might even get 5w30, the grade of the oil should be API SL? oil filter - after a little research every one only recommend genuine filter ? the part number is 90515-YZZJ3 for the oil filter? can some one confirm this please or i can use other filter from euro car parts? air filter - im not sure what air filter to use for the car i cannot seem to find a part number for the genuine filter? can someone give me the part number or recommend a good filter to use? no performance filter needed. Thank You!
  3. ahh thank you for the ebay page! i stick with 5w30 then! however my dad has mention the car does drink a little engine oil? im not sure if that is normal for this type of car however a few post said due to millage often cars need to use 5w40 and it will use less oil
  4. thank you Steve for the part numbers! however for air filter 87139-48020 it is coming up as Cabin Filter? i need the engine air filter please. where did you order sump plug washer for £1? cheapest i seen is £2 haha.
  5. Hello Alan, Thank you for reply. i would buy from Lexus/Toyota however i have not got any dealers around where i live so i cant really buy from them other then ebay or online. i guess i can phone them up for the part number though! thank you, never thought about that.