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  1. I only say about the whining after watching Fifth Gears test of the GS450h - https://youtu.be/_56f-IJpCnU
  2. Does the eCVT not whine at speed? How far can you get on batteries alone?
  3. I currently have a 520D and for a full tank approx. £70 I can get a months worth of driving out of it. Which is work commute (A Roads) and occasional Motorways. This last month included a 350 mile round trip. I'm happy to toot along, but want that get up and go if needed. I'm spending over £15K to get one so I want my monies worth (as we all do). So reliability is also key. I owned a LS400 about 12 years ago and apart from poor traction in the wet it was superb. I have also owned a Toybota Avensis which was a 2 litre petrol automatic. and I struggled to get 300 miles from a full tank.
  4. What are running costs really like for them? Are they really as reliable as people say? Do you require specialist servicing for the Hybrid?
  5. I’m considering making the leap from BMW to Lexus. I’m looking at the GS300h. Any tips or advice when buying one? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk