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  1. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    So if I change the hub too the 17" original wheels will clear? Do you know anything about the steering knuckles. Do they have to be replaced also? Thanks..
  2. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    Sorry I quoted wrong. What I meant to ask you was if I change the hub will the original 17" clear or not? And do I need to change the steering knuckles also or are they the same? Thanks
  3. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    So the original 17" won't clear?
  4. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    What about the steering knuckles, do I have to replace them also or just the hubs? I'm asking because the caliper fixes to the knuckle and if the holes don't match than I have a new problem.. If it's just the hubs and if they are really that cheap (https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/lexus,2007,is350,3.5l+v6,1434544,brake+&+wheel+hub,wheel+bearing+&+hub+assembly,1636) than it's a nobrainer, I'm definitely doing it. And the 17" will definitely clear the 350s rotors and calipers?
  5. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    Hm, I guess I'll be staying on standard dimensions. Thanks for the info Tango, not even my mechanic knew of this diference. But I would still like to get a 4 piston front caliper if its possible . Does anyone have any suggestions?
  6. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    I was actually thinking about 18" for the summer tire but I would still like to keep the 17" for the winter because it's easier to get the tires. I also asked my mechanic for any sugestions and than i'll decide. Thanks for all the info 👍
  7. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    How do you know they are 17s? I can't find any data..
  8. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    Thanks 👍
  9. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    Funny, cause I got this info about the F sport from a friend that works at a Lexus dealer here in Slovenia. But its also true that Lexus dealers in Slovenia don't know sh..t about the brand. They still think Audi is the best car in the world.. Anyway thanks for all the info.. Regards, Iztok
  10. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    If you are talking about the 250 F sport you must know that it already comes with bigger brakes and an upgraded suspension as stock.. The other thing is that I when I raced rally cars I got used to braking in the middle of the corner with my left food which I still do today so the brakes really do a lot of work.. I don't know how the roads in Black mountains look like but the roads here in Slovenia are "sick" 😀
  11. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    Are you sure I have to go to 18' because I checked the factory wheel size and and the IS 350 also comes on 17' so I should be OK..
  12. Is 250 II brakes upgrade

    Don't get me wrong the brakes work perfectly in normal everyday driving. But when you are driving fast on a twisti road they overheat very quickly. That's why the upgrade..
  13. Hi, I have a 2007 IS 250 II aut and I think that the original brakes are really not up to the job so I was thinking about upgrading them. Maybe put on the is350s 4 piston caliper and an original size drilled/slotted rotor because I would like to stay on the 17" tires. What do you think? Will the 350s caliper fit the original size rotor and a 17" wheel? Have any other suggestions? Thanks..
  14. First thing monday I called the garage were I had my gearbox serviced and they told that it's normal for the shaking to continue for a short time before the program learns my driving after program reset. And after 3 days it really stoped and it hasn't been shaking since than. Looks like we have fixed the problem. Thanks for all you help, Iztok
  15. Correct me if I am wrong but if the gear is damaged wouldn't it shake always when the car is in that gear? Because as I said it doesn't happen always just from time to time. It feels like the transmission is engageing and disengaging in a very short interval. Could it be something that isn't connected to the transmission. Could it be the diferential?