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  1. I was about to ask the same question. I bought a set of used 430 rims (without sensors and tyres) and refurbed them. I then bought 4 new tyres and I asked the tyre shop to remove the old tyres so I could take the sensors out and put them in the refurbed rims. YUP.............. He managed to break two of the four sensors when he put the tyre remover on the rim. I now have the constant flashing light and the five beeps every three minutes. I have removed the dash and there is no bulb, it 'looks like' an integral part of the PCB. The next plan is to find the ECU for the tyre sensor and disconnect it, and then see if it makes the car do odd things. So I will let you know what I find, but I also would like to know if the light can be removed without all this ECU removing process. I will be at JAE with my 430, but I will be with the Soarer's on the TIF stand. Please come over and say hi, I will venture over and say hi to you. Steve, I will see you there. :D
  2. Hi guys. I bought the 2003 RX last year, great car. It was damaged, and I repaired it for HID. I bought a used front bumper and after I fitted it I realised it was for a Harrier, (no head light wash) So I could do with one of these, any colour, but must have the head light wash units with it. Because it doesn’t have the head light wash units, the H/L wash light is on all the time, so I must get this sorted soon. Also, because I bought it damaged the N/S sill cover was missing, these are £250 from Mr T, so I won’t be going there. There were two in Japan for £20 the pair, but I didn’t get them because I thought I would find them here. NOPE !!! So I NEED one of these. I also need a driver’s air bag, I have a harrier one on there at the moment, but these are not the same size as the Lexus ones and the steering wheel buttons can not go on a harrier wheel. I don’t care what colour, I have tried all the 'part finder' and Japan auction sites. Does anyone have ANY idea where I might get one ???? The Air bag light is on, does any one know how to turn this off? I do the SC400 all the time, but I don’t know about this car. Finally, when we got it the reversing camera used to give us two options on how to reverse park. But now I only have the parallel park mode on the screen, and the 'reversing box' doesn’t show any more, do you know how to re-set this?. HID has been on and on a t me to ' Just take it to Lexus and let them fix it' yeah right :D The gear box return pipe was cracked and it leaked when I got it, so I bought a used gear box, from a 2004 3000 miles, but it was different, so I repaired my one. I still have this box and I would willingly swap it for any of the above parts I need. Thanks in anticipation Smiffie.
  3. The OBD11 reader found the engine magagment fault in secs, this is now ok and the VSC light is off also, the tyre warning light is still on, and I have changed all wheels and tyres for a new set. I have pushed the tyre pressure switch button, and yesterday I drove it 250 miles, but it is still on. I will try it with the ign off today and see what happens. Cheers
  4. Hi Guys. I have been in the Soarer job for a while and recently bought a SC430. Because it had a flat tyre the warning light came on, but since the tyre was ok, I left it, now the VSC and VSC-OFF light is on and it has gone into LIMP mode. Is there a way to Turn the 'flat tyre' light off?, and if I can, will it turn the VSC light off ? and if it will, will it also turn the Engine managment light off too?. I did the ECU reset, it made no difference. I have just bought a OBD-11 code reader, but I wont get it for a few days and as much as I like the OLD Mk3 TT's id rather have the 430 back. Smiffie
  5. UK pulse is right. I buy about 70/80% of my vans "over the phone" and I did ask speciffically "is everything esle there ? ( EVERYTHING). I know dont think that whatever I said he was going to tell the truth, I have had e/mails from people who has had dealing with him in the past, explianing how he either shafted them, or tried to shaft them. lets hope that this will prevent hm form doing it AS easily as he has done in the past. Fortunatly this has not interfered with my life, it is only a very small hiccup in a world of tourettes. What we have to do is make sure he dont do it to a private person who is looking at putting his lifes savings into a car from this p p p person. and this is why it is important that we should all post the link to the thread on either TIF or here for the rest of the world to see, on other forums.
  6. He has replied ;) here is the cheap complete car for sale at only £1,000,000
  7. here is his 'advert' I did buy it to break, but thats not the point is it ? he offered a 'complete car' and that is what I got. I dont care that it was in-complete, I do care that he lied and even after he offered to pay me £200 back he did not pay it. This isnt for my benifit, this is to stop other people buying from him, or at least letting them know what he can be like. All this could have been avoided if he had paid the £200, I sent him a e/m on monday telling him to send the check or I would post. He didnt post the check, or E/m me. what should I have done ? The whole thing about buying on e/bay and other on line sales is that you take it for granted that the seller is above board, this guy IS NOT. I recently bought a 94 UZZ32 and a Blown ( supercharged) LS400 from Japan, again I have to hope the condition is as it was explained to me, you either have to trust or not buy, I think he works that pricible to his advantage. I have stopped limping about it now, this is only to advise other buyers not to deal with him
  8. here is a link to the long long story about Richard Walker aka Lexusman, and how he sold me a car over the phone and completely lied about the condition and will not refund or rectify the situation. dont buy a car from this man. His advert read, " complete uzz32 for sale, be quick" below is a picture of this complete car, 17 other pictures available. ha ha ha, I cant work this picture thing on here :duh: please post this link to any other car forums you might visit. many thanks Smiffie.