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  1. RX300 Oxygen sensor

    Once again thanks for your time John.........much appreciated.
  2. RX300 Oxygen sensor

    Can anyone recommend an independent Lexus garage in the Berkshire area.
  3. RX300 2005. Oxygen sensor heater (bank 1, sensor 2) Can anyone tell me/ show me the location of this sensor and it’s fuse location Many thanks
  4. Engine control - 37Q / TCCS II V3P0037 - Oxygen sensor heater (bank 1, sensor 2). Error Message : Signal too and clear code
  5. Hahaha.............both warning lights are now back on. This was the fault code, does this make sense to someone and does it need replacing. Thanks again in advance.
  6. AA just finished and he found the following error code, cleared it and all is fine.........for now. I have taken heed of the sorcerers comments.
  7. Wise words John.........thanks
  8. Many thanks for all your responses guys..........just called the AA as now car will not tick over. Hopefully they’ll read the fault codes for me..
  9. After stupidly washing my engine bay both the orange engine check and vsc light staying there an easy fix?