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  1. David Cowling

    Fuel Tank Capacity / Cruising Range

    Strange they cannot give an accurate guide, I would be very reluctant to run anywhere near zero cruising range but an extra 100 miles would be significant.
  2. Just filled my CT200h with 32.66 Ltr of fuel - the warning light was on and estimated cruising miles was below 20 which should be about 20 ltr. I understand the tank is suppose to hold 45 ltr so there is a descrepancy of about 10 ltr adding another 100 miles to the range (currently get over 50mpg). Does the tank need re-calibrating or is this how the factory sets the fuel level ?
  3. I have just bought the CT200h Executive 2016 with built in Sat Nav and reversing camera and I also subscribe to Pocketworld GPS for Safety Camera updates which can be downloaded in many formats including Tom Tom OV2. Is there any way of updating speed camera location - The link shows an image of the Map Data which may or may not be helpful https://photos.app.goo.gl/NKcaHnD3VhYJ6Wpw1 I also thought the Sat Nav software was on a Micro SD Card but as yet have not managed to find a slot - any ideas ? Any help would be appreciated and ease the frustration.