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    Love the car. Only picked it up yesterday as problem with Lexus computers so had an RC 300h loan car (the NX is nicer imo!) But the dealer experience was great, loved the 'unveiling' you get when picking the car up. Did a reset on the dash and got the eco gauge back. Done 50m and averaged 42.5 mpg which I'm quite happy with considering I've never driven a hybrid, it's around town and down the a6, with me fiddling with sport, eco and ev mode. I actually quite like EV mode, thought it would be pointless but going home and around car park I like the fact I get to use the whole range of the eco guage before petrol motor kicks in. Love the gadgets on premier spec, HUD is great, that 360 rotating display is pointless but brilliant too, and active cruise control is fab. If it steered for me too that would be perfect. Car is superb better than anything I've had before. The only 'accurate' car review I've seen is from parkers, nonit isn't a track car, but it's even comfier than the Citroen cactus and nearly rides as well, which for a bigger heavier car is impressive. New NX due in 2021, if that comes in phev form, with self drive mode I'll be first in line!
  2. Went for a 2014 NX 300h premier yesterday from Lexus Derby, pretty happy with the deal, £25k with 3 years warranty, looking forward to pickup next week. 75k miles but immaculate. There's half a million buttons, menus and switches which will take some time to learn, is there a hints and tips, or quick start guide on here? Searched on Google for a few hours and didn't find anything. On the CT and other models, on the dash board the left dial defaults to an eco, charge and power monitor and shows a rev counter in sport, on the test drive this seemed to only display revs. Don't see what value the rev counter gives you as it's an eCVT so wondered if this could display charge, power dials?