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  1. Hi guys, I have recently invested in my first Lexus is200 which I have bought for the track.. I bought the car as a non runner the previous owner said when he went to start it there was a strong smell of petrol and he thought the fuel line was cut as there was fuel on the ground below.. After turning the engine over for about 10 seconds the engine stops turning over and hydrolocks, it turns out the petrol on the ground is actually coming out the exhaust.. I dried the plugs which were soaked in petrol and disconnected the plug on top of the fuel pump and with a slight bit of throttle I had the car running after leaving the car for 20 minutes to let the fuel out of the cylinders and into the sump.. Whilst the car was running I connected the plug on top of the fuel pump (below the back seat) and the engine stalled straight away! The problem is that my car is getting to much fuel and flooding itself and so won’t start.. I replaced all 6 injectors and a new fuel rail and new fuel pressure regulator and the car still floods ( with the plug on the fuel pump disconnected the car will start and run but only with the exact amount of throttle) Has anyone ever had this problem before or can anyone think of what else to try? Is the ecu sending a signal to injectors to be fully open, is the fuel pump faulty, is new fuel pressure regulator faulty? Any help is much appreciated ! Thanks