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  1. Now.. i recently got my cambelt and waterpump done by my friend and I didn't get a receipt. I suppose i should get him to write something for me! I have a receipt for one at 90k but it was 11 years ago so I got it done a few months back at 125k to be sure. Did the pump and stat at the same time as it was all apart
  2. Is only playing through the right hand speakers. Does anyone know why this might be? It's fine on the radio or CD. Cheap adapter? Tape setting? Mk4 1998
  3. Probably not a good idea to stick anything on the airbag - unless you want a new pair of wooden eyebrows if you stack it!
  4. I order my new cap but thought I'd check behind the panel you mentioned anyway. All seems present and correct - no fuel smells. No fuel smells under the bonnet either. The plot thickens. Thanks for the advice so far, guys.
  5. It's also started to smell of fuel a bit when i get in the car - seems to go when i move off, though. Not sure how i can remedy this one? Is the tank easily accessible to inspect?
  6. Hmm - odd one. I used the petrol pump to lever it down and it seemed to move back with a little resistance. I've been having intermittent pressure issues (as in the cap making odd sucking noises when the car is running) i wonder if it's linked?
  7. Recently it's been getting more difficult to screw my fuel cap back on. Realised yesterday that it's because the whole filler neck has raised to the point where the cap touches the body. Common problem? Common fix?
  8. I bought mine BECAUSE i had kids 😂 I'd have a Mustang or a Supra or something if I didn't. Wife has an e46 touring to lob big stuff in
  9. With coilovers costing north of 800 quid I've been searching for ages for a more cost effective way of lowering.. I've just stumbled across this site: https://www.tarmacsportz.co.uk/brands/tanabe/tanabe-lexus-ls400-95-00-6-3-3-0kg-mm-df210-springs.html Anyone used them before? Still expensive but a lot cheaper than the alternative!
  10. Yeah take the battery out and fully charge it - if your fuses are OK and you didn't smell any nasty plasticky burning smells I'd imagine it just needs a good old reset. On my old x350 Jag you could put the two cables (not connected to the battery IN ANY WAY!) together to drain all of the capacitors in the car for a full reset. I don't know for sure but I'd imagine it'd do the same on a 430?
  11. Thank-you! Any special tricks to fitting or relatively standard?
  12. Sorry for the rubbish post - does anyone know what brake bulb I need to buy for my 98 ls400? Thanks