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  1. The point is that the car will look better. I don't want it too low - just a light drop. I don't like to see too much air between the arch and the tyre.
  2. Can't see why not? I mean - the styling's a bit marmite but the turbo v8 can't be sniffed at! The LS400 is legendary but it's not perfect; just try opening the centre armrest when there's a drink in the cupholder.... or drive off after a rainstorm with the window down!
  3. I squeezed a 300bhp Nissan turbo engine into my Ford Capri so I'm quite partial to a bit of Frankenmotoring...
  4. I took the plastic cover off my 98 but it looked crap so put it back on!
  5. I think it's great - probably wouldn't take too much to get it going
  6. Need to drop the front a couple of inches without breaking the bank. Just a pair of decent lowering springs would suffice but I'm finding nothing.
  7. Kwik fit are incompetent - the whole company is *******! Their 4 wheel alignment is a con
  8. The outer edge of my front 2 is worn out and I've recently had the wheels aligned. I do have wider wheels on there but i can't see how that would affect it?
  9. Car looks fine, just with some dodgy looking dipped plastics. Under bonnet corrosion is about normal - it just needs a clean.
  10. Mine was blocked up and broke. I bought a £16 replacement from ebay and the car stinks of fuel near the back - i doubt think it's sealing
  11. Now.. i recently got my cambelt and waterpump done by my friend and I didn't get a receipt. I suppose i should get him to write something for me! I have a receipt for one at 90k but it was 11 years ago so I got it done a few months back at 125k to be sure. Did the pump and stat at the same time as it was all apart
  12. Is only playing through the right hand speakers. Does anyone know why this might be? It's fine on the radio or CD. Cheap adapter? Tape setting? Mk4 1998