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  1. No worries. Ariel has gone. Everything else bar the calipers is availible.
  2. Hi--the exhausts I'm selling are custom tailpipes to replace the backboxes. You need to cut your backboxes off and these pipes clamp on in place. £70 for the pair and they're in great condition. The rest of the system itself isn't great as the cat flanges are blowing and the backboxes are missing. I'm on the Wirral
  3. You can see them top left of the pic - the main pipes are stainless and polish up nicely. The rest of the sections are mild steel and incorporate steps to increase bore. Includes custom made brackets to fit to the standard mounting points for the backboxes using the standard exhaust rubbers.
  4. Couldn't edit my original post so I've quoted a random one and added prices roughly based on completed listing on eBay.
  5. 1998 with 130k. I'm not sure why it happened but the cambelt was removed twice due to a faulty new waterpump so it could be just the fact it came off and on a bit and was unsettled from its 22 year slumber. 'If it ain't broke ' is my new mantra.
  6. I'm hoping to sell them with the wheels as they are perfect for the SC430 wheels - if I sell the wheels separately, though, I'll let the spacers go too. Are you interested in the wheels, too? The exhaust is a custom back box delete setup that sounds great. You just need to cut your back boxes off and clamp these to the pipe. I made it a non-welding modification due to lack of a mig. You need to cut two cutouts in the bumper - I'll upload some pics. Can't help with fitment - I'd presume they're the same?
  7. Looking for £100 for the wheel. Probably about £15 postage I'd imagine.
  8. Very sad conclusion to my Lexus ownership. Long story short - cam pulley sheared off and the engine is dead. I've spent the day stripping parts off it and will be scrapping the shell in the next few weeks. I have taken off: Wooden steering wheel Wooden gearnob Grey sun visors Grey rear view mirror Silver mirrors Sat nav unit Custom exhaust JBrady modded airbox All lights (fronts tinted with removable film) Wood gear surround Wood electric window panels/ashtray Almost immaculate unused diamond cut spare wheel SC430 alloys with nearly new matching Goodyear tyres Hubcentric Japspeed spacers for the wheels Coil packs Might be more bits - can't remember! Car's still here if there are any bits I've not mentioned but you'd like. It's silver. Cheers!
  9. Thanks mate - I'm afraid I don't have anywhere near that kind of budget. Hence not being able to repair it at the moment. I'm going to try and do it over time to keep costs down and get a run around in the meantime.
  10. Apologies for fueling the flames. Done nearly 20k Iover the last 2.5 years and loved every mile. Pretty gutted and easily wound up as a result. Thanks to everyone who has helped.