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  1. No problems in the dry, but you have to feed the power from 1st to 3rd in the wet. But my Boxster was the same in 1st and 2nd until I latterly changed tyres to PS4S and then 2nd gear grip was significantly improved in the wet. So will aim to do the same when the current P Zero's are done on this car. Still over the moon with it and just had resonator deleted so it sounds even better now :)
  2. I thought I should pop back in as I hate it when people don't finish off their threads. I've ended up buying a 2014 E63. Whilst I love the looks of the RCF I felt it wasn't going to give me the performance hit I wanted to balance out the handling compromises I was making moving from my Boxster to a bigger heavier car. I test drove a C63, the more direct RCF rival, and wasn't that impressed, whereas the E63 whilst being a much bigger car feels like a big step up in quality and is phenomenally quick. Thanks for all the replies and wishing you all many happy motoring miles.
  3. I don't mind that so much, it's a great looking car so a bit of attention is expected. As an ex Boxster S owner, how would you compare them? I've had my S for just over 3 years and 45k miles now, and would like something a bit more refined now (I'm clearly getting old!) and quicker. I've also had a V8 itch that needs scratching for a while and the RCF appeals the most.
  4. I'll keep an eye out for the Stoke car reappearing then. The carbon one is out of budget, and if I'm honest (no intent to offend owners) I find the carbon bonnet a bit ostentatious for me, plus it's the wrong colour :)
  5. Thank you very much for all the replies and information, gave me plenty of interesting reading this morning, clearly a very active and friendly forum particularly when you consider how few owners there are compared to other makes. I like the sound of the TVD dialling out any understeer, I have a car now with a good front end on it and might find that a real frustration. But need to have a go in a non-TVD car to see whether it's an issue or not. The Stoke car has disappeared off the Lexus website and AT so assume it's sold already. But Charlie I'll get in touch because Stoke isn't too far from where I work in Lichfield so if you can help source a car that could be ideal. My car is in for replacement windscreen then MOT this week so need to sort that first anyway. I will have more questions as I start to look at individual cars, and I'm sure I'll want to upgrade the exhaust as I have the Porsche Sports Exhaust on my current car which sounds great and is loud in a car with minimal insulation compared to an RCF. I had a test drive in a C63 and thought that was quiet with all the windows up so am expecting the RCF to be even more so. Need to do a bit more reading on the various options available.
  6. Hi new member 1st post so be gentle :) I'm considering an RCF (blue or red up to £35k) as a replacement for my Boxster S. Options seem minimal as the cars come well specced, but the torque vectoring diff seems quite rare on cars I've looked at on AT so wanted owners opinions on whether it's something I'd particularly notice on the road (no intention to track)? Clearly it's better for me to try both myself but as cars for sale are pretty low in number, just trying to find one local to try out is hard enough :) So if anybody has experience driving cars with and without I'd appreciate any input.