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  1. Thanks for reply. Turns out that if you remove the sat. Nav. Unit from the boot, you will lose sound from the drivers door speaker as the sat. Nav. voice runs through it. Splicing 2 of the wires will sort it.
  2. Hi everybody. After permanently removing sat. Nav unit, the drivers door speaker no longer works. Is it an easy fix. Thanks
  3. Picture of my lexus is300 😊 62000 miles fsh.
  4. Hi everybody. Just joined this forum as I have a Lexus is300. Previously owned Lexus is200 and also a Lexus is250. Fantastic cars. Superb quality and unbelievably reliable. I live in county durham. I have already posted a question regarding sill corrosion. Hope to keep my is300 for many years due to low mileage 62000. Thanks stephen
  5. Hi everybody. I own a 2002 lexus. Is300. Car has only done 62000 miles and drives like new. Lovely condition. The dreaded blister has appeared on n/s sill. I know this is a problem on is200/300 models. I realise that this will be expensive. Is it worth repairing on car this age ?. I will probably get other sill done at the same time. I spent £800 last year on service and timing belt. Tyres and battery. This is the best car i have ever owned but is it worth spending more money on 16 year old car. Sorry for long winded question .