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  1. Picture of my lexus is300 😊 62000 miles fsh.
  2. Hi everybody. Just joined this forum as I have a Lexus is300. Previously owned Lexus is200 and also a Lexus is250. Fantastic cars. Superb quality and unbelievably reliable. I live in county durham. I have already posted a question regarding sill corrosion. Hope to keep my is300 for many years due to low mileage 62000. Thanks stephen
  3. Hi everybody. I own a 2002 lexus. Is300. Car has only done 62000 miles and drives like new. Lovely condition. The dreaded blister has appeared on n/s sill. I know this is a problem on is200/300 models. I realise that this will be expensive. Is it worth repairing on car this age ?. I will probably get other sill done at the same time. I spent £800 last year on service and timing belt. Tyres and battery. This is the best car i have ever owned but is it worth spending more money on 16 year old car. Sorry for long winded question .