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  1. Thanks. I don't mind faux leather, especially given how quickly fabric gets ruined...
  2. Hey, I currently have a 2007 Toyota Prius T-Spirit, and one thing I miss from my old car is heated seats, and heated wind screen mirrors As for the actual car I drive now, I'd like to keep the parking camera, and I don't really use the auto park function as it's just... awful. If it's better on the CT, then I might use it. I don't use the built in sat nav because again it's just... awful , however I would like my stereo to have DAB stereo, USB, Bluetooth etc.. It must have : Parking camera Cruise Control Bluetooth DAB stereo, with USB connectivity Heated seats I can tell that for the 2011-2012 variant, I'd "need" to buy the SE-L premier version, however say I want a 2013 car, I'm not sure which variant I'd need then? I've noticed cars with the "Advance" variant often selling for cheaper than the SE-L premier cars despite having the same service history, roughly the same mileage for the years etc... Leather seats would be nice. I had that on my previous car. True Bluetooth connectivity would be nice too ie: so guests can connect their phone in via Bluetooth. In my previous car, I retrofitted a DAB stereo, however that's a lot easier to do when your stereo system isn't also connected in to your AC unit... It's not ideal Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I haven't tbh. Also I don't have kids of my own, so there's not a lot in the boot. It's largely just kids who happen to be little cousins, who you take out every so often is all. I've not done either of these. I did have a Honda Civic hybrid prior to this, which also had a smaller boot, and before that I had a Yaris which also was just..tiny.
  4. I'm really not fussed about mileage because well, my Prius has done nearly 170K and maintenance has been minimal.
  5. Thanks. SO basically it will give me essentially what I have now with the Prius T Spirit, but a nicer car to drive? THen the luxury model has the leather seats? - Of which I can upgrade to afterwards? - By means of buying a newer version of the car.. I don't care too much about Sat Nav. DAB radio...maybe, but I find the Sat Nav on the Prius to be utterly awful, that I never use it.
  6. I didn't even think about that! There's also the advance model. I'm guessing this might be a sort of equivalent to the 2012 SE-L premier?
  7. Thanks. I'm guessing that the luxury model also gives me basically everything that you get in SE-L Premier? Looking at the Lexus site, I was looking at the various models, and comparing but for some of the stuff I've never had it before
  8. Looking at the Lexus site, if I got one after 2013, I imagine that the luxury model would do me just fine?
  9. Possibly, yeah. I'm not mega fussed about mileage, given that it's a Lexus. If I was buying a Renault, I'd be a bit worried, but as it's a Lexus...meh. My Prius has done over 170K miles.
  10. Ah forgot that I'd want cruise control too... And I imagine rear parking monitor means the camera vs sensors? Could I ask if you have any details say for the 2013 models onwards too? The reason I ask this is because I've seen that sometimes they're cheaper than the ones from 2011 which is weird. I'll have a look at the Lexus site when I'm at home too
  11. The thing is... I don't know, and ideally I'd like to keep it to 2011/2012 really as I don't want to spend a huge amount of money. I'm guessing for 2011, the "best" grade is SE-L premier? I don't know what features I'd want in addition to what I have now. I do however know that I'd want to keep the rear view camera, the ease of use, but also some..leather seats. They're not great in the summer however they do look a heck of a lot better over time, as they don't need cleaning (much), especially if you have kids in the car As for budget. I don't know. Under 10K? This being said, I don't want to necessarily spend the whole 10K if I don't need to ie: if a 7K model does the job, then there's no need. I don't really know the difference between SE-I, SE-L and SE-L premier I understand that the newer ones do look nice, but I'd rather spend more money on a house, than a car (As I don't have a house yet), so I figure that if I put x towards a car, I've got y towards a house. I can of course sell my current Prius, for about 3K , but I'd still keep the budget to under 10K
  12. I'm looking to buy a 2011/2012 CT 200H , as the generation after is a lot more expensive I'm confused as to which model variant is "the best", and I'm not even sure if I would "want" the highest specced model? Unfortunately on the Lexus website, I can't really get an indication of what's best as well, because it's largely following the variants of the newer models I currently actually drive a Toyota Prius from 2007 (T-Spirit) if that is of any help
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