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  1. Thanks all for comments. Took it back in today after talking to them yesterday. Lexus UK has agreed to supply both cats for £500 to the dealer. So with fitting and VAT it comes to about £730 - much better than the £1,400 + fitting + VAT. Still, with the ball joints and tyres, it is costing me well over £1000 just to keep my car on the road legally. I guess most of this weekend will be spent striping the brakes (I cannot afford to pay someone to do it now - decorating the sitting room, and paying for a holiday at the moment - this was the last thing I needed. I appreciate parts wear on a car, and tyres, etc are consumables, but a new cat every 4 years? New suspension all round every 40,000 miles? a new £300 radio every year? This I think is disgraceful on what is supposed to be a quality vehicle. re the extended warantee - I did consider it, but it is very expensive (£500 for 1 year and about £800 for 2 I think it was). In my experience extended warantees are not worth a thing, as dealers and suppliers refuse to pay far more than they agree to pay (example: Ford extended warantee I had - the loom is not part of the electrical system and is therefore not covered - £1000 please sir - I fought that one and they paid in the end, but it was hard work)
  2. Cat in manifold (according to their testing) is not working - they did not dismantle to check if it was broken or simply not working. Lexus dealer said that the manifold one was the most important and originally suggested replacing just that (over £700 plus VAT + fitting). On advise from Lexus they said both should be replaced. MOT guy did 2 runs and it failed both. Dealer said it should be hot so took it for a run before testing and it failed theirs as well. This is when they started investigating and found the issues with the cat. Cheers both for the input.
  3. Well I am not a happy bunny. Had my IS200 SE from new for just over 4 years now (4 years and 5 days to be precise) and it is going to cost me over £2,000 just to keep it on the road. It failed its MOT last week on emissions. Had the service (70,000 mile) as advised by local MOT guy at my Lexus dealer today, only to be told the manifold cat had gone and the exhaust one was only operating at 50%. Advice is to change both – parts alone are over £1,400. I know cats do go in the end, but 4 years or 70,000 miles is a bit poor. Four new tyres (one has < 10,000 miles on it but is wearing badly on the inside – surprise, surprise). Both front steering ball joints have gone – that will be another £260 sir. Also the brakes are binding – we will need to strip them. So far this is without doubt the worst car I have ever owned. I am on my fifth radio (all 4 previous have gone to “ERR-3 and stuck CD” heaven), fourth set of wheel hubs (all the other have gone rusty), second set of wheels (originally looked awful after 2 years), second set of suspension (original was shot after 40,000 miles), the paintwork chips if you look at it (took a chunk out with my finger-nail for gods sake, but Lexus refuse to accept there is anything wrong) and now all this. It has only ever been serviced at an authorised Lexus dealer and always on time. Anyone else had so many problems. Personally I like the car, and having owned from new was considering keeping it another couple of years or so – but if it is going to end up costing me a couple of K a year on top of normal running costs (fuel, insurance, road tax, consumables) I cannot see the point. OK, rant over – it is just I am very, very