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  1. Cheers mate👍 Yeah think I’m leaving the headlights for now
  2. Tinted the fog lights this morning
  3. Just a couple of pics of the car before I tinted the indicators
  4. Decided to tint the side indicators with a medium smoke vinyl.
  5. That’s mad! I can see it’s a wedge bulb but all sealed up. Guess it’s a new complete unit when the bulb goes!
  6. I took the side indicators off the wings tonight to add a tint film and noticed it’s all a sealed unit and there seems to be no way of getting the bulb out to replace it. How do you replace a bulb if one goes?
  7. Thanks mate! No trouble with light output at all, shines through the tint clearly and just passed mot last Friday. I didn’t paint the underside of the spoiler so the tiger seal grips it good, been on for months like that now so yours should be good now
  8. I blacked out the front grill surround with gloss black vinyl, I've just bought more for round the Windows, but not got round to it yet
  9. I think i’ll Get them, just not sure about all the wiring, I’m not bad at doing stuff myself but not done much electrical work. Theyre off a 2012
  10. Can you buy the black brackets or could I make some out of something? Is there anything else that would have to be swapped or made to fit?
  11. They’re from a breaker near me, I went in and just asked out of curiosity, thinking he’d want stupid money but only wanted £100 per light, he only wants £80 for the front bumper but I’m guessing that wouldn’t fit without a lot of work?
  12. Thanks so much for that! I’ve been looking for something like this!!! I really wouldn’t mind doing the front end swap.
  13. Thanks for the reply, I’ve seen some for £200 but wasn’t sure how easy it difficult it would be to fit them, is the wiring and plugs all the same?