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  1. Have owned my is250 se l for just over six months now and what a car has lived up to my expectations and more. Have previously been a devout Honda owner and other than the S200 GT that I owed for around two years the Lexus puts a great big smile on my face every time I get behind the wheel. So after owning eleven various Honda models I can now say that I have been converted "Lexus for ever"
  2. Hi If it is a case of using the wrong oil or fuel then why would Lexus do a complete engine rebuild under a warrantee claim?
  3. Hi all I have been browsing through some YouTube postings and video's on the IS 250 and there are quite a few posts of major engine problems that require a complete engine rebuild due to piston ring problems causing a buildup of carbon deposits which in turn caused uneven tick over and difficult starting problems. These where all on US sites effecting IS 250 & 350 models and Lexus US where doing the work under a warrantee claim. Does anyone know if any of the models this side of the pond have had this problem and if so was the repair done as a warrantee claim.
  4. Hi all Have seen a few YouTube videos about installing these lights they are a replacement for the red lights that are in the bottom of the doors and come on when doors are opened. All you do is pop out the old ones I pop the projector ones in and they project the word Lexus and the logo on the ground. Has anyone fitted any of these? and if you have where did you get them from as I can only find them on US sites. Dell.
  5. Just a quick update, received my new struts from SGS this morning and fitted them this afternoon . from start to finish the job took all of 10 min only wish all the jobs could be this easy. Spark plug change this weekend, a little more than 10 min I guess. When changing the plugs has anyone had to replace the manifold gaskets and if so did you use aftermarket or genuine Lexus ones. Dell.
  6. Hi all had such a great response from my last post thought I would try my luck again. My drivers seat bolster has worn and starting to crack I would imagine a common problem being a beige colour it really notices, I have tried cleaning and conditioner but if anything it has made it worse. I think what it needs is a leather dye product. Has anyone used a dye on there seats and if so what results did you have and what product did you use. Dell.
  7. Just want to say a big than you for all the speedy replies. Have been checking other posts which in hindsight I should have done before posting my question. Have just ordered a pair of replacement gas struts from SGS engineering Derby £53 including shipping as recommended by several other club members. Another big thank you for all your help and advise, what a great site. Dell.
  8. Hi Richard I have got to say that was a quick reply, thank you. So does this mean that if I replace both of the gas struts when I unlock the boot it will raise by itself like the bonnet ? Dell.
  9. Hi Have only had my 2010 plate is 250 se l for just over a week now and extremely pleased with it, still playing with all the toys and there are plenty of them. The reason for my first post is when I unlock the boot lid using any of the three options it pops up but when you lift it to open it seems rather heavy and feels like there is some resistance. I have looked inside the boot and can see there are two gas struts, could these be the cause of the problem. Any help would be much appreciated. Dell.