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  1. Hi, Recently when I pulling down the driver side window it makes a noise. I've read somewhere it can be fixed with a silicone spray. Anyone has done it before? I am worried about the smell and I also want to know if this fixes it completely or just a temporary solution?
  2. Hi, after a service I just noticed that the OBD connector was not fit properly and it is hanging!!! How could I fit it back or it should be done by the dealer? Model: IS300h 2014
  3. they told me they greased the pads and I can see the grease on the rear wheels.
  4. Just an update which is somehow related to your reply. The car was serviced today and they told me that the rear pads were stuck in the career and it was the reason for the noise. They removed them, cleaned them and greased them. The noise was not there for about 50miles but it came back after. It maybe better now but the noise is there. The fact that the noise disappeared because of the greasing may prove the problem is from the brake pads. I still do not know why then I even heard it at high speeds. So, maybe the best solution is to change the pads with non-genuine ones. Any ideas?
  5. New observation. I may be a total coincidence. I may need to park the car on a slope driveway. But when the road is not very crowded I park it on the road. I noticed that the noise is much lower or even does not exist when I start the car after parking for couple of hours on a flat surface. I insist it may be a complete coincidence but parking on a slope driveway for couple of hours and for at least 3-4 days a week could damage or loosen anything?
  6. do you hear it even at higher speeds like me?
  7. Hi, I had this issues last year and lexus told me it could be because of my braking habit. I tried to change it and now again the summer and pulled down windows and I hear the noise again. It sometimes becomes so loud and annoying and it is still random. Also I paid more attention and I heard it at higher speeds even at 45-50mph. So, it seems it does not have anything to do with the brakes. I brought it to the lexus and they did a test drive and booked a service. They told me as it is random it is very unlikely that it is caused by the wheel bearings or something loose. Anyone had a similar experience of such random chirping noise from the rear of the car? I was thinking (it may be crazy) that could it be caused by a problem in hybrid engine?
  8. Just an update. I brought it to lexus and they checked brakes and plates, etc. they finally told me the reason is my driving style as I am not braking hard enough. They said they could put some grease but it the noise will come back after a while. They confirmed there is no mechanical problem with the car
  9. Yes. So, your point is that it was there and I did not hear that
  10. I've heard that but the fact that I've noticed this noise recently, it is very random and very distinguishable from the normal noises made me worried.
  11. thanks so can I do it myself? Is it something that can be done at home?
  12. thank you. but the pads were checked and they were fine. It is not related to the direction. Mostly I hear it when driving in straight line.
  13. I have a lexus is300h 2014. I've recently hear a squeaking noise in low speeds. It is random and intermittent and I may not hear them for a couple of days. Sometimes when I brake, or sometimes when I take my foot off brake and the car moves in low speeds. It is very obvious. I checked the pads and they are all fines. It is more probable to hear them when the car is warm. Any idea?