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  1. Other side is ansolutely clear, no bubbling anywhere...... Am going to contact Lexus on Monday and book it in and see what happens... i reached out to the previous owner who boight it in 2015 and he confirmed that the bubbles started appearing gradually since then so it ties in with the repair done in 2014......
  2. Hi all, thanks for the replies, pics are as follows, 1: Windscreen, interestingly Showing on Lexus UK under the vehicles service history, in 2014 a Sublet repair, GLASS SUB-ASSY,,WINDSCREEN MLDG,TAPE,SENSOR, was carried out so I am assuming that this may be the cause of the bubbling.I which case I can get Lexus to investigate? and possibly repair? The water is definitely under the plastic tray in the passenger side of the boot and is localised to the area in the rear passenger footwell, where the carpet was white and deteriorated appears to be mould but until I remove the boot trays fully I won't know for certain where the leak is actually coming from. I have, however, enquired with Lexus UK as to the correct rear light gaskets and costs which come in at £15.38 each for the outer tail light https://www.lexuspartsdirect.co.uk/parts/lexus-rx-genuine-parts/lexus-rx-phase-2-outer-tail-light-gasket/ and £17.68 each for inner tail light. https://www.lexuspartsdirect.co.uk/parts/lexus-rx-genuine-parts/lexus-rx-phase-2-inner-tail-light-gasket/ Now I presume these are the correct gaskets as the part numbers quoted in other related posts are different. The rust bubble on bonnet and left wing are as below.. Is it a matter of just contacting Lexus to book it in for an investigation or do I need to contact a certain department etc? again any advice is appreciated. One other small niggle is that the drivers side wing mirror doesn't tilt downwards as much as the passenger side when in reverse, the wing mirror is fully operational in all directions when adjusting normally, is this a case for wd40 sprayed behind the mirror on to the actuator? or is there another fix? Thanking you all in advance....... Joe
  3. Hi everyone, Am a Newbie, so please be gentle :) I have recently purchased a 2008 400h SE-L which has only 2 known faults/issues at present and just wondered if anyone can offer any advice on them? Fault 1 is rust/bubbling, there are a few bubbles on both sides of the windscreen (at top), some stone chips to front bonnet with rust (not concerned with these as it's obvious they are from stones etc) and a thumb size area to the front passenger side wing (where it meets the bumper) now all these areas are solid with only a few of the stone chips showing rust so just wondered if these were common places for rust and if there are known causes/solutions? Fault 2 is water ingress, now I have read through the posts and my only area of dampness is a fist sized area situated near the rear passenger door footwell. The carpet is black however this one patch has been worn through so no carpet fibres remain, there is no wetness or dampness anywhere else in the car and it doesn't spread either and I have run water via the sunroof and it escapes freely out the bottom of the car with no issues. I have noticed that there is a small thumb sized area of condensation in the passenger side rear light cluster so will be checking that area as soon as the rain stops and will replace the gasket as advised in posts. With this in mind I believe the part no. is L81564-48061 for the gasket? can this be ordered direct from any Lexus dealer? or can anyone suggest where I can obtain them (am based in London btw). I will also be checking under the boot trays as also suggested to see if water is collecting there but like I said, it's odd because the dampness is localised to that one area of carpet, I am looking around for a replacement carpet as a future project as apart from that one area I can't fault the car............ so far Also I Have a vertical cargo net for the boot and wondered if anchor hooks could be attached to the plastic mouldings (as per other RX models) below the release points for the parcel shelf, two round clips that remove allowing access to a single bolt fastener, I only ask as I don't really want to screw in to the boot carpet wall itself. Any help is greatly appreciated, and I will get some pics tomorrow, weather permitting :)