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  1. All, I am still in the same situation with the satnav. I pretty much start my journeys now telling the satnav to do inexcusable things to itself, to which it generally replies to me that I should take the third turning.....!!! ANy other ideas?
  2. Ollies Grandad, Thanks for that. I have a 3hour 20 minute drive (there AND back) today - I will try that. S
  3. Sherra, I have tried this, but then voice control is nearly silent. Its not possible to turn it off, just quiet - but it appears that its the cars voice and sound that is quietened, not just the Nav. Very annoying!
  4. Eame64, Thanks for the reply. I am seriously annoyed about this.I would have stuck with a diesel if I thought it was this bad and sod the environmental consequences! S
  5. Herbie, Thanks for the response. I have navigation, (TomTom, Waze et al), but the blooming car nav wont shut up unless I go into it and pause it every time I start the car up. I just want to know if its possible to shut it up or ideally turn it off. Ref the MPG, I appreciate what you say, however, I am obviously somewhat niave as I thought the new NEDC tests would at least be close to what we should achieve. I am sorely wrong. S
  6. I have just taken a 3yr lease out on a NX300 petrol hybrid. The reason was the price per month and the fuel economy, (47.9 combined). I have a couple of issues with it: 1. I have now driven 1500 miles in it and have just about managed to get it to 36mpg, (mainly driving like an old lady in eco mode). Is this just Lexus lying about the stats, is it that my car has a fault, or should I have expected this?? 2. The 'Premium Nav'. I hate it. I just want to know how to turn it off permanently? Can this be done? Apart from the above and the awful media control pad thingy, I like the car. The above issues are driving me to distraction though... Any help and guidence would be appreciated. Thanks, S.