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  1. Interesting as the chargers reading full, car is and only 1 or 2 days ago charged it for a good 6-8 hrs so I've put it on again so if that changes anything You don't mean dead as in needs a new battery tho do you? Only got one about 6 months ago!
  2. Hi there, currently having an issue with my car (is200, 2001 spec) Don't drive it often so I find it dead most days and have to charge it before I can use it. After charging one time, I've left it, and when I've now gone back to it, it seems completely dead, like no lights or anything. All is fine after removing charger when hooked up to mains, car showing full voltage and a full Christmas tree of lights, but after trying to start the car, all the lights go off, doesn't even try and start the car, complete silence apart from a small beeping sound... Any ideas would be great as I can't even lock the car anymore 😬 Thanks 🙂
  3. OK thanks for the help! Yeah I think over my summer break I'll tear the engine down, as that was my plan for the car anyways, just to learn general maintenance before going mental with raising my insurance premiums with mods 😅 I was amazed my sunroof still worked tbh considering how cheap it was!
  4. Passed last Mot with no issues it seems, no oil drips under the car however it looks like this? Wondering if this is a problem as sometimes the exhaust seems a bit over-smoky
  5. No its all the way around the joint between head and block, most heavily at the front of the block, but its basically just around the seal?
  6. Will do! Thanks for the help as it happened again yesterday, so will need to get this check haha Also on closer inspection of the engine bay, noticed a large amount of oil built up around the head gasket area. I'm assuming this is quite bad and I should probably replace it?
  7. Haven't had the ac/heater on the times it's been smoking, which is why I was really confused
  8. It starts when the temp gauge is saying the cars up to temperature, and I think it's smoke? Not entirely sure tbh, but if it helps I haven't used the A/C in a while
  9. Hi there, Have just been running my is200 up and down the driveway getting used to it etc, when I noticed that there was a fair amount of what looked like smoke coming from the drivers aircon vents. Needless to say I was fairly concerned so checked under the bonnet and nothing was immediately visibly wrong! This is now the second time in 2 days its happened and am keen to sort this issue, gives me a heart attack the two times its happened! 🙂 Can anyone help me/give me a hint to check what's going on or try to solve the issue? Thanks, Alex 🙂
  10. Hi Lee, thanks for the quick response! yeah definitely the correct pitch, so will likely just get a new shifter :) shame the previous owner decided to use such an aftermarket shift knob instead of looking at proper pitched ones, though there is and was a fair amount of blu-tack on and around the threads, so im assuming even the previous knob didnt fit very well! will let you know how i get on, thanks again! :D
  11. Hi there, just bought a is200, however it came with no gearknob as all the threads are mangled. I have tried to fix this by retapping it however I can't get the die over the top of the stick due to the thicker top end threads. Any ideas or will I have to replace the whole assembly (something I'm not particularly keen on doing!)