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  1. Hi, the weather has suddenly got warmer, & when I start my 2010 RX the a/c is starting on recirculating. Is this normal, to bring internal temp down quicker, or am I missing something? cheers Brian
  2. Thanks for your help lads, I’ll see if I can configure lines.
  3. Thanks for reply, reverse image is in navigation screen so no buttons to press. Normally green box & two vertical greens lines, except when I’m getting green curved diagonal line & that’s it. I’ll pop in Lexus dealer in a couple of weeks & pound their ears with questions.
  4. Hi all, third day into the wonderful world of Lexus, & could do with some help. The reversing camera display on my 2110 RX 450h, shows the camera image just fine, but, about 50% of the time, the guide lines consists of one green curved diagonal line. Is this normal or a hopefully one off warranty call. And while I have your ear, my iPhone connected perfectly for calls, but I can’t work out how to get my audio library to link to car. Thanks for any advice.