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  1. I think thats whats killing mine as i do a mixed amount of motorway/A/town driving but lately mainly motorway. I’m getting used to it more and its creeping up as i’m being a bit lighter on the pedel.
  2. Thanks. I’ll get it booked in. Appreciate the info.
  3. Huge thanks for that. Lexus phoned me back at 5 tonight and said they had double checked and that they think a fuse has blown so i need to book it in for them to sort although tempted to do it myself. Slightly disappointed with the inconvenience of having to take it back after 4 weeks but these things happen. Love the car just struggling to get above 35 mpg :-). Thanks again.
  4. Just phoned them and they say thats correct which i find ridiculous.
  5. Hi Loving my new NX300 sport premium which i collected a few weeks ago and i recently noticed the steering wheel switches are not lit up. Is this normal as i cannot see the switches and keep declining calls in the dark. Also the driver side door switches do not light up. Windows, door lock and mirror adjustment so again I’m struggling to see which switch unlocks the car when im collecting passengers for example. The passenger door window switch is lit up. Just seems very odd and hope someone can shed some light on this. Thanks.