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  1. Smells more like solvent than eggs.. I took it to a garage and they think it's the turbo, no loss of water, coolent or creamy white liquid. The whiring and smoking is intermittent though!!
  2. Hi thanks for this, I have done 250 motorway miles in since it has been done and it is no better. It does it when the car has warmed up and the smoke coming out in continous for a while and then stop but will do it a few more times until the end of the journey. The warning lights didn't come back on. I usually do about 200+ motorway miles a week but I do think the drop in miles due to illness and tootling along smaller roads has probably caused it! I am going to take it to a different garage today and see if they can come up with something. The whiring sounds when in 2nd and 3rd gears needs sorting too! I am wondering if it is the turbo! Oh what joy! I want my old toyota avensis back! 254000 miles of trouble free motoring until it was written off :(
  3. I posted on here last year about white smoke coming from the exhaust of my 09 220d and it appeared at the time, it was a when it was doing a regen. However the last couple of months I haven't been doing the long miles I normally do, although about once a week I have done about 40 motorway miles. Last week the engine management light stayed on as did the traction light. The car started to lose power and I took it to a garage before it broke down. They put it on diagnostics machine and it was saying it was the DPF. I had it changed and now when the engine warms up there is much more white smoke when at lower speeds and I have noticed a chemical smell from the exhaust and can feel heat coming from the car generally when I get out. There is also a rumble secondary to the engine noise when in lower gears and now a slight tinkling noise when I turn the steering wheel to the left! I have done about 27,000 miles in it in 16 months. It now has nearly 108000 miles on the clock. I realise there are similar issues mentioned by other members but it is the chemical smell that I am not sure of. I took it back to the garage and he said he couldn't see what was as it was cold when I took it to him. Apart from selling it which I don't want to do as I will lose a couple of grand. what would be the cheapest path to getting this sorted?
  4. You are right jonnyroper. It is when I plant my foot down. I keep forgetting its not my old car and I need to be gentle with it! It did it this morning going to work getting onto the slip road. I put my foot down! The person behind drove past me and gave me a look! The smoke was embarrassing! I will be gentle with it!!!
  5. Jonny Roper and Appers thank you for getting back to me on this. I think once a week is a bit much Appers yes it is embarrassing the amount that comes out and then it just stops! I have an MOT due next week and I am hoping it doesn't fail on emissions. I haven't had it a year. Oh I did get a full service but it didn't make a difference.
  6. Thank you both for finding the time to respond. So basically it is my own bl**dy fault for thinking I could treat it like my old Toyota that was used and abused !! I will get serviced asap! It also needs new brakes I think too!!! Merry Christmas and thanks again😁😁
  7. HI I had a toyota avensis petrol 1.8 for years and got it to 254000 miles. I had to let it go because someone crashed into it, I was gutted!!! A friend had a 20 year old lexus and suggested I go for that make as it is made by toyota and a diesel because of the high miles I do! In April this year I got a 2009, 220d. C02 emissions 148g/kg so I think it is the newer version as the older ones had higher CO2 emissions. It had around 80000 miles on the clock and well looked after, service history etc. I had the oil changed and levels checked and ghad the car enerally checked over when I got it home and was told it was good car. It is has now nearly done 100000 miles and I have to admit I haven't had time to have it serviced. When I first got it I also I also put petrol in it by mistake but not enough that it needed siphoning. I learned my lesson and put normal diesel in but I have noticed since the end of October that when I am about to accelerate from a slip road onto a motorway it emits white smoke. It disappears in less than a minutes and it happens less than once a week. I have noticed it happens when the car has been parked all day or night and then I have driven between 30-50 miles an hour for 10 minutes or if stuck in a queue and then accelarate. It doesn't do it when starting from cold or lower speeds. I haven't been worried about it as I put it down to cold weather/ rain and warm fumes hitting cold ground especially as the exhaust points downwards. I know it needs a full service which will be done Christmas is out of the way, but a friend pointed out it could be a fuel injector. I am now worried that I have damaged the car by not doing anything about it sooner. Any advice would be helpful.