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  1. Just a word to the wise.... had occasion to leave both sets of keys on my passenger seat last week, having unlocked the car and opened the passenger door to access it. unaware therefore that, <1 minute later the whole car locks down again !! Helpful staff at my service provider sorted me out - took a while though. I know its unusual to have BOTH sets left in such a place but a word to the wise, the car self locks which is no problem if/when you have the other set to hand, when you haven't.........
  2. My grateful thanks Herbie, Indeed, to answer your first point, it's an "all in" with the pump and tensioners being replaced at the same time. Circa same money too. Japanese Specialist who come recommended so hopefully all will be well.
  3. I'm a month into my ownership of my RX400H. - happy days I'm still feeling ( slightly ) guilty over buying the car ( 2010 model ) as my mileage isn't that great at present - I still have my Jaguar XE company car to hand back next month. First and foremost the choice of RX has been fully justified from comments of my wife and friends who find the access and driving position a real boom. Their comments kind of offset my guilty pleasure emotion have having bought arguably an over-spec car - retirees like me should perhaps be in the "toodling around town in a Yaris" mode. My second observation apart from the comfort and driving position - its a different world up there - is the night driving - my Jaguar doesn't have halogens but the light spec added to the driving height / headlight height/angle makes for a whole new vista of viewing at night, its totally different. The car goes in for a belt change ( 59K - 9 1/2 years old ) Monday and I'll be sorted. 400 miles into the ownership and every time I get in it it's a joy. 1 issue to consider: the rear door access worked off the key fob when bought, now doesn't. I'll mention this to the servicing garage on Monday but its what? A key re-boot? Hardly a warranty claim unless it's a spendy fix, any thoughts? I've had and got a classic car over the years and similarly the comments and feedback from everyone is different - as with this Lexus, even the lady in my local Halfords was drooling over it as she fixed a new wiper. Until you've sat in one and driven it you just don't know how good they are. ( I might not be saying that after I've coughed up for the belt change !!) Maybe it's an age thing but I happily watch the blue boxes amass over a journey showing power generated. I wonder, being a simple bloke - and having not read the manual fully (!) just when does all this generated power get used? Is it gradually fed back into the petrol fueling system to reduce MPG averages? Is there a level to aim for? When does Pac Man drop into the screen to eat them all up? Happy motoring.......
  4. thanks again guys, this is all reassuring and the battery charged unit I'll take on board - although it's having a new battery fitted just in case. I have a trickle charger for one of my earlier cars which used to lose a charge from somewhere but Herbies recommendation of a Jump Starter looks sound advice. On another matter, and forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere previously, but a colleague in Holland had his Lexus 400 Hybrid stolen from outside his front window one evening never to be seen again. Hence the question = To Tracker or not to Tracker? I've got fully Comprehensive but? Arguably with prices firm and demand sound I'm thinking there could be a significant risk - it's parked in the drive as another more pressing auto sits in the garage - but I'm thinking once it's mine and been brought up to my spec ( service/cambelts etc ) it'd be a shame to lose it despite financial recompense being in place ( for the bare car ) Questions questions questions....sorry. And the unforgivable sin of changing the subject of the thread.
  5. Many thanks Steve, puts my mind at rest. As always, negatives tend to have a higher profile than positives but I'm sure I'll get to love it with experience. Can't wait for tomorrow. Funnily enough, the discussion on prices and demand is an interesting one, I was looking and some hang around on sale for ever ( hot sunny day photo's etc ) but mine and a couple of others have been bought/sold in recent weeks hence I'm assuming the demand is strong. As ever, service history is key.
  6. Just a note to advise I'm due to take delivery on my 2009 RX shortly. I've read the majority of recent posts and it looks likely my usage profile means I'll be borderline in terms of warranting a hybrid, certainly next year when I fully retire. Having said that, I find the style endearing, build quality unbeatable and driving position excellent. Plus my wife likes to comfort too. Looking at prices, high mileages and age appear to mean little to the marque and they'll happily give enjoyment so long as they're well maintained. I guess. My Jaguar XE has given great service and 100% reliable but it's a long way down for my wife post "back op" and has to go. Maybe I was "fishing in the wrong pool" when looking for alternatives but I'd got bogged down in with Ford Kuga's and Honda CRV's ( petrol auto's - not good apparently ) or diesel auto's. Anyhow, I've bought it now and the cars in great condition - I'll probably get the cambelt / water pump looked at soonest having found a local specialist as opposed to main dealers who seem a little excessive for a 10 year old car.. My ultimate concern is perhaps the odd weeks where I go to the station and back - 2 miles, 4 or 5 times a week and other weeks where its 120 miles there - 120 back. Anyhow, first up I'm looking forward to learning how to drive it, space, parking, hill starts etc. Thanks for earlier posts, what some may feel is trivia is really helpful for those of us looking out for data and knowledge.