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  1. Thanks all. In the longer term I'm not too worried - just wanted to know what to look out for on a potential purchase.
  2. Thanks John. Did it just start leaking or was it more dramatic than that?!
  3. Ziggy1024


    Just had a look at a 450h - not sure the price is right (yet) but overall I'm pretty sure I want one!
  4. Just had a look at a GS450h - pretty sure I'll be an owner of one at some point! Looking at the exhaust 'Y' as advised - clearly there's a bit of corrosion here but it doesn't look too bad to me. Any opinions? How do they usually look before they fail? Cheers!
  5. Ziggy1024


    Thanks. Just looking for a decent MK3 GS450h really... Preferably not a silver one (to keep the Mrs happy!). From what I've seen so far it's looking like an 07-09 with ~70-80K on the clock will be about right.
  6. Ziggy1024


    Thanks both! I won't forget BMW entirely (well it's long enough since I drove the old one in the garage, so maybe I will!) but recent ones don't do much for me...
  7. Ziggy1024


    Hi all, I'm not yet a Lexus owner, but hopefully that won't remain the case for long. My Saab is due to retire, and a GS450h looks like a pretty good replacement, to say the least... I'm not in any particular rush, just waiting for the right one to come along and doing a bit of research. Fairly convinced that I won't end up back in yet another BMW anyway!