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  1. Blame all the pies. 500kg is a lot... You're not wrong in general though and too I wish there were separate controls for the 'sport' parameters rather than lumping them all in together. My car (2010 on 17" wheels) doesn't ride as badly as it seems some do in sport mode; it's the agressive throttle map that I could do without.
  2. There's a reasonable chance that anyone who's read this far will be interested in the mechanism behind VGRS too; this is a fairly concise summary: https://www.autozine.org/technical_school/traction/Steering_2.html
  3. Fun, isn't it! Certainly interesting from a technical perspective - I have read everything I could find, there just doesn't seem to be all that much out there. That's taken some getting used to given that I could write my own ECU maps for my last car - I do like to get stuck in! What about 'S' (sequential? sport? who knows!) on the transmission then? Additional engine braking and (to some extent) holding onto a higher 'gear' at low speeds seems to be the extent of it...
  4. Ah, I'd assumed it was a simple hard/soft selection - rather more satisfying that it isn't! Have you 'just' reverse engineered your knowledge here then John, or have you had access to any tech info from Lexus?
  5. Great stuff John - thank you! Hope you don't mind my asking, but how do you know this stuff? I'm an engineer - I'd love to get stuck into the details but I've not found any good sources of info (apart from people like you!). & I have to ask - '17 position variable shocks' - how are those 17 positions selected between?!
  6. This has been bugging me since I've had the car! Does anyone have a definitive answer as to what the 'Hybrid PWR' and 'Sport' settings on my car (a 2010 GS450h) actually do? And whilst we're at it, what about the 'S' mode on the transmission too?! I've read lots of anecdotal, often conflicting statements and I know what general effects they have (make it 'faster' etc.!), but what's behind that? E.G: What does the 'sport' mode adjust on the shocks? Just compression damping or...? Apart from the suspension (and steering), does sport mode just change the throttle map or is there any more to it than that? I rarely use it, but 'Hybrid PWR' appears to maintain more charge in the battery (to avoid the situation where it can't assist, I'd guess!) - what else? Is the throttle map when both 'sport' and 'Hybrid PWR' are selected together, the same as when one or the other is selected? You get the gist - anyone have any technical documentation on any of the above? John @Britprius, you seem to know pretty much everything about everything?! Cheers! 😎
  7. I suspect you're right - it's just the memory of having to do the job twice on the Jag (second time in the dark and the rain!) that makes me hesitate! You're right though; 'you get what you pay for' just isn't always true these days... We had a 7 seat 626 back in the day - a 1990 626 'GT'. My old man had another 626 before that too - 1985 'lx' in blue with blue velour interior. 😎
  8. Thanks John. So you've tried the non-name-brand ones then? They are certainly tempting at that price, but do they last more than 5 minutes? Bad memories of fitting cheap pattern wheel bearings on my XJ6 a few years ago...
  9. Hopefully an easy one for someone - 3rd gen GS (mines a 2010 450h) front hubs: Are they all the same? I.e. gs300,430,450h etc.? Are NSF and OSF actually the same part? Are they the same as on the IS too? Just trying to find out what I'm looking for! Cheers all.
  10. Proof that the spanner fits: @Farqui Yes, I decided that as it seems nobody else has ever seen one go wrong, a used one would be a safe enough bet! I believe a lot of GR-engined cars (is250, gs300 etc.) use the same pump, but as I didn't find definitive proof on that, mine came from another 450h!
  11. So without wanting to count too many chickens just yet... The HP fuel pump is easy to replace. Lexus quoted 1.3 hours which I guess is fair enough as everyone needs a tea break at some point (I don't actually have any complaint about their estimate - I understand what they need to cover!). Remove the air hose from the throttle body, or you can't get at some of the below - 10mm for the jubilee clip 2x 12mm nuts (pump flange to top end of engine) - no access problems for those, but you'll need a deep socket and an extension. 2x E8 studs - there is other pipework in the way if you try to remove the pump without taking the studs out 19mm spanner for the fuel connection closest to the back of the engine. You can get a spanner on there with enough clearance to turn it - persevere! Spring clip on the small fuel hose, quick (squeeze!) release on the remaining one and one electrical connector Total about an hour including getting tools out, 'help' from a 7-year old and tidying up afterwards. And yes, it seems to be working so far. 😎
  12. I was only joking @Farqui ! I'm pretty sure that the issue is with the HP side. Dealer had identified the same candidates as Chris @Mihanicos above, but as far as I can tell concluded that the pump was more likely than the valve/relay based on previous experience. Swapping the pump doesn't look too difficult (quoted at 1.3h labour) so given that I should be able to get a used one easily enough, I'm tempted to give that a go...
  13. Oi, @Farqui ! Whatya doing, 'liking' my misfortune?! 🤣