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  1. Quick update on the gearbox trays: from looking at pictures of used parts for sale, I believe there is a difference on the mounts at the rear between the GS300 and GS450h parts. Not conclusive, but it does make sense with a different gearbox to mount to!
  2. Thanks - and apologies to any poor person who tries to get their head round it all; I know how that feels!
  3. My car (2010 GS450h) is missing the engine and gearbox undertrays. I've had a quote from Lexus, but (unsurprisingly) it's eye-wateringly expensive... I have part numbers from them, but am tying myself in knots trying to work out whether there are any other candidates to find used parts from. I'm writing this as much to store my notes / clarify my thoughts as anything else, but any input would be appreciated! The numbers quoted for me by Lexus are: 51410-30161 main engine tray 51442-30171 gearbox tray Taking the engine tray first: From an online parts catalogue against my VIN number I had found: https://lexus-europe.epc-data.com/gs450h/gws191r/5066/body/5102/51441D/ ...which says that the part number is 51410-30160 - note the alternative final digit! I believe it also suggests that the part number for earlier cars (51410-30101) has been substituted with the number above, so I'd expect the earlier part to also be compatible with a later car. Anyone see any reason (deleted mounts on later chassis versions?) why this wouldn't be the case? Extrapolating further, an alternative source (https://www.lexuspartsnow.com/parts/lexus-cover-assy-engine-u~51410-30161.html) suggests that the same part is also compatible with an '06 GS300 - that makes me wonder whether actually ALL 3GS undertrays might be interchangeable. I also found a 51441-30401 for sale as from a 450h, and another as from a 300. If I just need one from any 3GS it will be rather easier for me to find a spare... On the gearbox tray: 51442-30171 - number from Lexus 51442-30170 - number from epc-data - last digit different again! Stated as '06- so I'd expect all 450h parts to be the same at least. Lexuspartsnow says that ...170 fits '07-'10 (and was replaced by ...172!) and ...171 fits '09-'11. ...150 and ...152 are numbers I've found for a GS300 but not found any evidence of overlap yet.
  4. Next time maybe! For now, they're all good...
  5. Well it's been a long few days, but she's home! All clean and shiny too! 😎
  6. All sorted - no dramas. Only advisory was on the rear brakes getting low, which was on my to-do list anyway. I must have been in a lazy mood, as I've just asked them to deal with it - most unlike me!
  7. Tis a wierd feeling. Usually worrying with any new car that I don't 'know', but it has an extended warranty so what is there to worry about?! The CT is too small, too slow (and not even that economical), horribly unintuitive inside (how is this progress?!) and rides like, well almost any other new car I guess. Hope they do better next time. Shame there's no new GS to tempt me with, but I guess it's not beyond the realms of posibility that I'll end up with an IS next - just not whilst I have so many massive child seats to fight with!
  8. In for MOT with Lexus. I have a shiny new CT200h as a courtesy car. I want my GS back!
  9. Is yours an OG or has Karl started doing the NG 9-3s? Mine was a 'st3' 9-5. The fun's in getting stuck in yourself though - download a copy of T7 suite and have a play! For more sensibile people though, NoobTune is definitely the place to go. 😎
  10. Tis amusing to see how many Saab fans are on here, having recently arrived from UKSaabs myself! 😎
  11. The UK equivalent which you can get from here: https://www.lexus.co.uk/owners/your-vehicle/#past-brochures ...refers to lB02 as 'Ivory', but all you'll find on a Google search (for Lexus LB02) is US cars for sale advertised as having LB02 parchment leather. Ideally someone would sell a dye/repair kit which referenced the code, but I can't find such a thing anywhere - they all sell Ivory and Parchment as different colours!