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  1. I purchased the one recommended by @Herbie here: ...installed on a win10 laptop and working fine - no need for any fiddling. Would have been more satisfying to achieve through messing around with VMs, but IME not necessary!
  2. I've just had 3 of my 4 new discs replaced under the parts warranty, as apparently they were 'warped'. Now I'll take the choice of phrase with a pinch of salt, but they definitely weren't right! My suspicion is that it was caused by stopping with my foot on the brakes after slowing from motorway speeds, so I'll certainly try to avoid doing that with the new ones. PITA with the hybrid though, and no mention in the manual. Has anyone seen a break-in procedure specified anywhere? I did ask at Lexus - you'd have thought they'd be keen to avoid having to do it again... I've never really worried about it on 'non-performance' brakes before, but I'll probably take the approach that I have previously for those rather than the rather lame 'take it easy for the first couple of hundred miles' that the service chap came up with. On the plus side, I can confirm that I can fit the kids seats in the back of an RC courtesy car - not the most practical, but pleasant enough. 🙂
  3. Was admiring one of these earlier when I picked my GS up after a bit of work. I can remember how much I disliked them when they came out, but I think they look great now! The mpg calculator on mine is the most accurate I've ever experienced, so hopefully yours will be the same...
  4. Did you ever make this change? I'd be interested to hear your opinion if you did - I'm considering the opposite move, but wonder whether I'll regret it!
  5. All fair points! As I said in my later post, the thing that really didn't work for me was the lack of refinement (in the F-sport - I can only go on the one they gave me!), and the fact that the ES (the closest you can get to a GS now?) is only available with this type of powertrain... Maybe they're significantly better in this respect than the NX equivalent? To be clear, It's not that it was a bad car, just that I'd have hoped it would be better given how much newer it was than my old thing. I'd probably have enjoyed one on the standard suspension a lot more, by the sound of it.
  6. I suspect it was indeed the F-Sport. I'm perhaps being unfair on the performance front - it would probably have seemed adequate if it was quieter and comfier, it just didn't stack up with the bizarrely sporty ride and nasty noise.
  7. NX300 ≠ GS450h I've just given back an NX courtesy car. The inferior ride (my 6yr old son called it 'the bumpy car') was disappointing given the relatively high-profile tyres and non-sporting remit, but the drivetrain was the main problem: it sounded like a diesel and was slooooow, whilst returning barely better mpg than my GS. I can't see me ever buying an NX anyway, but it doesn't make me exactly hopeful about the ES either, which would have been a candidate...
  8. 5M42 is a bit of a classic in my book. Would definitely be my choice!
  9. Much like you can spend >£100K on a Toyota Lexus? I know where you're coming from but elsewhere in the world, people are less hung-up on brand names and recognise that GS are still good value (to the watch-liking weirdos of this world) when compared to the more 'prestigious' (Swiss) alternatives. Don't get me started on massive watches...
  10. Oh yes. A late 60s Universal Geneve today. There must be some Grand Seikos on here, as the obvious Lexus equivalent from the world of horology?! Closest I get is this one...
  11. John, sorry for the off-topic, but can you point me at anything which describes the 450h drivetrain in any detail - e.g. the two-speed auto you mention above?
  12. Don't you just love a bit of bodgery? A previous owner of my car had broken the linkage/hinge on the cupholder cover, and repaired it with seemingly whatever they could find in B&Q... Maybe not the most exciting update for anyone else, but it's nice to now have a new one fitted, and the actual cupholder insert present too 🙂
  13. Thanks - I'll ask them!
  14. Thanks! I'd read about needing to re-initialise the steering sensor, but not about anything beyond the process (from the user manual) that you can follow yourself. That's on my to-do list for next time it goes in... Incidentally (having been flicking through your thread!) can anyone tell me whether Lexus Hedge End are on the discount list for gold members?
  15. Could you elaborate on that? What(/why) did you have done?