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  1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. It turned out that the negligent buggers at Riteway Autocare in Glasgow hadn't plugged the Air Mass Flow Filter back in, due to which the car wouldn't gain or sustain speed. The instict of these garages was that Traction/ABS has nothing to do with headlight
  2. Hi guys. A lexus i was using needed headlight changed, so i took it to a garage. As you lot might be aware, the lights on IS220d are not easily accessible and alot of parts in the bonnet had to be removed in order to gain access. Soon as i drove out of that garage i noticed that Engine light, traction light and a Red triange were illuminated and the display said "Check VSC". I took it right back into the garage, told them but they taking no responsibility said VSC is to do with ABS and traction and has nothing to do with the job they had done. As it came on right after headlights were changed, thre may not ne an actual fault and the lights could have been triggered perhaps by wiring or parts involved when changing the headlight. As i was driving home, the car also struggled to reach a speed, similar to limp mode my bmw goes into. Has anyone encountered a similar problem or have suggestions as to what should be done?