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  1. Hi Lager Shandy - No need for the old parts since they (like other service centres) make a video recording of the whole inspection and the separation of the bushes was visually seem.
  2. All said and done, one should not have to go to extremes to get what is rightfully due in these warranties. The Extended Warranty (Lexus not other 3rd parties) clearly states what is and what is not covered.
  3. UPDATE: The good news is that after a series of discussions with their warranty company, Lexus have got the go-ahead to do the rear suspension links. The front ones are only showing signs of perishing, so they are being left alone for the time being. Hopefully not another issue to replace them when the time comes.
  4. Thank you all for your responses so far - I have once again been on to Lexus and they are going to look into this with the warranty company! I said this is a 2-year EXTENDED WARRANTY WITH LEXUS - To which the response was we are on your side but Lexus subcontract out their warranties to 3rd parties!! I will get an answer tomorrow on this. To Barry14UK - I got the 2-year from Lexus themselves and when it got taken out there was no mention of the issue with the suspension links - Now 4K miles later they are a problem and at 38K miles too, which IMHO is not on. This will not rest in my books until solved and I will update as and when to you all.
  5. I bought my 2014 Lexus RX450H in January of this year with a mileage of 35K on it. It was from a non-Lexus dealer so I decided to get one of the 2-year warranty deals from Lexus themselves and duly spent around 2-hours in their facility whilst the car went through a thorough (or so I thought) health check since without one Lexus would not entertain putting a warranty on the car. Everything was spot on and I duly paid out the £995. The car is due an MOT and service this month having only reached 38K miles, so I booked it in and was somewhat taken by surprise to be told the front and rear suspension links required changing, ideally now, but certainly in the next 12-months. The cost was a staggering £1100 and £1200 respectively. My question is why was this not picked up either as an advisory or future requirement during the January check-over for the 2-year warranty? I am amazed these are in this state after only 38K miles and would welcome any comments on this from perhaps members who have had previous experience. Incidentally, I do not take it off-roading or anything like that.
  6. "Herbie / i-s" :- Point taken on the cable routing across the top of A-pillar. I would however imagine the force of one of these deploying outweighs any restriction the cable may have since it is not tied down to anything, but not having personally witnessed a side airbags deployment leaves the outcome unanswered. However, better safe than sorry. "Steveledzep" :- Concerning the length of cable, I roughly laid it out across the intended route before committing to my method. The main reason for doing it that way was to house the 12v - 5v adaptor box in a suitable position. "Dewillia" :- As for the connection suggestion into the overhead lights/sunroof, I looked at doing that on a Range Rover I owned but the wiring schematic was such that unless the lights or sunroof were active no feed was available.
  7. Having look into this I decided to fit a NextBase 380GW unit, which is what a Lexus dealership would fit as their recommended solution, but at a far greater price. I thought it might be of use to record how I achieved it and have produced the attach PDF file that covers the installation. I state that this is purely an example of how one might install a dashcam and hope it gives some guidance for those wishing to diy the process. Fitting a Dash Cam to a 2014 RX450H.pdf
  8. Hi Herbie - That was in fact the first thing I tried and due to the USB being over the 32GB mark I could only format NTFS or exFAT, both of which this upgrade site does not support. I therefore had to search for a solution and found the "fat32fomat" - Even with DOS under Win10 using standard format commands it came up with errors. perhaps you were using an earlier version I just don';t know. Bottom line is it al worked out well in the end and wothout your help I'd still be in the dark. Now I only have to install my Nextbase 380GW DashCam, should be fun!!
  9. Many thanks go to "Hangie" for giving me the heads-up on a website that DOES allow one to upgrade without the high expense of a formal Lexus one. Let me explain...First off I have now found the my 2014 RX450h has a HDD and the map update can only be done either via a DVD or USB stick. If you go to the site in question the charge for getting this update (1st June 2018) is $99USD, which equates to around the £78GBP mark and I can accept that versus a £250 Lexus charge. Their form asks for various bits of info plus an image of the Map Data, which gives them the abillity to generate the required key code for your Lexus. Their download consists of 5 part zip files, which when unpacked will give you a directory called "mapupdate". This directory gets loaded onto your USB stick, which was the only point of contention for me since trying to do a FAT32 format on a 64GB USB is not that straightforward and I resorted to using a [free] piece of code called "fat32format" down at the DOS level of my laptop. Once done and copied across you plug in the USB, go to Map Update on the Lexus menu and after some 90+minutes (yes it takes a long time, but you can start and stop the SUV inbetween times since it picks up from where it left off) you are presented with a brand new Lexus map update. So there it is everyone and I am one well pleased chap 🙂
  10. Thank you BlackCat I finally found it by going into the Navigation itself and found the version which is shown below. Now the question is to update or not. I have to say "Herbie" I find the mouse miles better than the touch screen system I had on my Range Rover, but everyone to their own I guess. I've yet to experience the bad side of it, but my backup is of course and Goggle Maps. I do agree with GLSV6 (and others) the Lexus price is really a disgrace when other (and perhaps more intellegent) free maps exist. Thanks to all and I now know a lot about the mapping software 🙂
  11. Thanks GSLV6 - The thing that irritates me is not even being able to find out the year date mine is running with since none of the codes suggest anything near to 2014 onwards. Guess the mobile Android with Maps is a good backstop.
  12. Hi ZOTTO - Tried that and could not find the right screen option to proceed and I tried them all. What I am getting when I hit update map is attached. Hi Eame64 - My on-board system asks for either a DVD or USB to be inserted - The attached image shows the next phase when I hit update map.
  13. Being my first Lexus (and hopefully not my last) I have a question which I hope can be answered. I'm interested in updating my navigation map on my RX450H and I am having trouble finding out which verion of DVD I need. Speaking with Lexus they immediately jumped into their £250 replacement, but give no mention of the disc version itself. I see many versions advertised and am seeking to get one of these at a considerably better price. Attached is the screen shot of my nav screen showing the model ID and current navigation. Incase the screen shot is not clear enough here are the two sets of code I have: Model ID: 11LHENEU-BZ01 Navigation: VA00111A Many thanks in advance, Paul.
  14. I was very sceptical reading about the ride quality of an F-Sport being hard. Well the people who think that must have based their judgement on wallowing american sedans. I find my F-Sport's ride quality BETTER than my last car, which was a Range Rover Autobiography Sport and their ride is second to none, apart from a Lexus, of course. Do not believe everything you read that sounds negative about these vehicles. 🙂
  15. Hi Eame64 - Although I'm new to the world of Lexus I know what you mean. On my first day of driving the RX I had the linked mobile tell me a message had come in and do I want to read it!! Amazing, having not know of a vehicle's ICE capable of doing that. Only thing I was disappointed with was the single CD/DVD capabilty, having been use to a multi loading HDD. Now however, rather than a USB stick I've resurrected my iPod which works a treat with far more capacity than any multi CD?DVD player.
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