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  1. Hi ..I got the tensioners and coolant change but the car had only done 30.000 since last water pump so no new waterpump .but i am a new lexus owner and really thought it would be a lot more expensive .i wanted to use main dealer as the previous owner bought it there years ago .it was on record and they did a full check over and only pointed out the number plate was that was good for a 16 year old lexus .
  2. Hi everyone ,I have just purchased a 2003 sportcross .an amazing car .the cambelt was due for a change and I was going to do it myself .but after contacted lexus they could supply and fit for £400.67 .£148 parts .£185 labour £66.79 vat .so i know vat is rubbish but for the totall price it pretty good that included coolant change .they washed the car as well and checked it out fully and for 2003 car they could only find that the front number plate cracked a bit .i used a courtesy lexus 200h ..lovely car ..but my 16 year old is200 drove exactly the same .I could not say the new lexus drove any better at all in any way ..exactly the same amazing drive .so don't hesitate to take your old lexus to a lexus main dealer.