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  1. Hi........... I have a IS 300h - October 2017 As far as I can make out, to upgrade my Sat Nav I have to go back to the dealership and cannot purchase an update online. Is this correct? If so... any idea of cost... Thanks............................................
  2. When my traffic information cuts in on FM or Dab the volume is always at the same low level and I have to manually adjust the volume to a higher level in order for me to hear it. It always returs to the same low level when the next traffic info cuts in. Is there a way that I can set the default traffic information sound to a higher level? Thanks........................
  3. Recently purchased a Lexus IS 300h..... great car. I regularly put BP Ultra (97 Ron) in my previous car (VW Eos 1.4 Sport), and felt that it benefitted from this grade of petrol. I am quite happy to use this grade in my Lexus but was advised against this by the salesman, on the basis that “it will burn out the valves” Any comments / advice would be appreciated......
  4. I have recently purchased a 2017(September) IS300h Executive. It has rear parking sensors and rear boot camera fitted as standard. I would like to have front parking sensors fitted that apart from “beeping” incorporate a visual display on the multi-information display. I have been told by my local Lexus dealer that if front parking sensors are fitted retrospectively, it is only possible to have the “beep” and not possible to incorporate a visual element. Wondering if anyone has had front parking sensors fitted after purchasing and what their experience has been.... Thanks in anticipation.