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  1. Love driving gloves. Not only nice (IMHO) but also great for the grip. And yes, I was for sure strongly influenced by the movie Drive! 😂😂😂
  2. Update: Guys, I got my Lexus. What a machine. What a pleasure getting in the car every morning and driving to work. Loving every second. My father in-law asked me to get him for a ride and really enjoyed it. Said that it is very comfortable, quiet and it seems like a Boeing with all lights and instruments. He was very impressed and was asking during the whole ride to drive faster! 😂 My mother in-law want to get her ride this week. Some pictures to you, since you love pics. Thanks for all the support, Lexus Lovers!
  3. They will do the service and repair a sun shade, which was not working properly. I should post some pictures in the next days.
  4. Just signing the papers to get my LS 460. Guys, wish me luck. I have really hugr expectations with this car.
  5. I was thinking about getting a Volvo before, but they are quite expensive in Germany and most of them are Diesel, what is a no go for us since most towns in Germany are about to ban Diesel. I am totally aware that my cost will be higher than some Skoda (my wife wanted one), but I will invest money in the pleasure of driving one of the best cars ever made. And thanks God at this point of my career, the money is there. I will most probably make some trips with my son to watch races on Hockenheim, Nürburgring and Spa, so I would like to have something nice, reliable and enjiyable for my day by day and trips. I am convinced that I am making the best decision and whatever what others will say/think.
  6. Update My wife was p**** off to hear the whole soupd opera and her parents freak out. Of course, as a good German, she is always thibking about the 460's fuel consumption, but she admitted that the car is very confortable as f***. Just because I love her I went to a Toyota today to test a Avensis Station Wagon. Drove 40 minutes with the car. No. Just no. Not after driving the 460. Funny thing: they have the exact same price. Of course the 460's running cost is higher. Around 40% but the pleasure of driving one is 200% higher. Funny thing is that my mother in-law heard today that I would test a Toyota and said "Hey Bob, of course you can buy you a Lexus. Sorry for the mess the other day. My husband was very rude and overreacted when he heard your decision. He is nuts sometimes. Don't make any thoughts. Buy what you think is the best for you." Well, I think somebody has googled "LS 460 overview" and watched some YouTube Videos. 😂😂 Will most probably get the 460 next week!
  7. I don't live with them. Thank God. Live is indeed too short to ignore my own desires. I just want see their faces during their first ride with me. Well, if they are invited after all. 😉😎
  8. Exactly. I educated myself a lot in the last three months. Saw a lot of video, read a lot of articles and this forum. A argument "this car is for dumb, stupid and irresponsible people" will not erase the fact that Lexus kicks *****. Hey, I love to drive. Always did. Fought my battles to get a good qualification, career, job and salary. Why not to give myself a nice gift with my OWN money?
  9. Thanks for the nice words, mate. I also do believe that 70 Km a day is a significant commute. They said is a short one, but hey, who is going to seat with the a** in the driver seat is me. So, let me give it a nice treatment! A drove the LS for about 30 minute and can't wait to drive it again. I will try to get it next week. 🙂
  10. Look how funny. We have the same age and aldo 2 kids. This can only be a sign! Getting my Lexus asap! 😂
  11. Hahaha, mate! They were also saying yesterday that Saab is for arrogsnt people! WTF?!? I do reslly start believing it is jealous at its finest. Because there is no logic in thinking that a Lexus is worst than BMW, Mercedes. Worse, as my parent in law said: the Lexus I want is for dumb, idiot and irresponsible people. Wow!
  12. No, man. My wife is great but my parents in law can be very silly and superficial. Like "small town" mentality.