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  1. Thanks for your replies. After a week I tried to open it again with a larger power pack and it opened normally. It appears that the old battery was drawing the power out of my power pack. A week later when the new battery arrived and existing battery was completely dead I used my power pack again and this time it opened as normal. After I fitted new battery I couldn’t close the lid/tailgate using any of the buttons so closed it manually. Once closed I tried again using buttons and it opened and closed as it should. To lift the lid up manually was impossible; the car was lifting up when I tried. To close manually it was a bit easier. Hope that is now all done and dusted.
  2. I had the same thing last week to my 2014 NX. I pulled down the tailgate manually till it fully closed, You can hear it click shut (first click), keep going again till you hear the second click. Then try locking the whole car and it should lock and be back to normal, tailgate and all. It was a lot easier to manually close the tailgate than open it. I was lifting the car up than opening the lid.
  3. How do you fully open the boot lid/tailgate manually? I have a 2014 NX300h, I tried to start it and after pushing this and that. I tried the wipers but they lifted an inch or two then stopped. I think the battery is now completely dead, no display, etc.. I then tried using a booster pack but that was being drained when connected. Voltage was about 1 or 2 volts, this booster pack disconnected was reading 12 to 13v. I think the battery is about 5 ½ years old, time for a change. I tried to open the boot by climbing in the boot/trunk and using the manual opening devise. I opened it to the first unlock, with help opened to the second unlock but it wouldn’t go above about 50mm by hand. It just wouldn’t go past the 50mm. So how do you get it fully open so I can get to & change the battery?