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  1. All tyres are the same, Dunlop Sport SP01A, manufactured 48th week 2016, 245/45 ZR19. I've got a stack of paperwork, going though at the moment to piece together the history of as much as poss. Enjoying getting everything up to standard to date. Thought this summer would be a chance to finally get to work on my project car (MX-5), at the moment it's looking more like Lexus-stravaganza 🙂
  2. Has anyone / Does anyone know if it's possible to upgrade to the 2010 LS460 Sport Flappy paddles manual gear change method on a 2007 LS460? Watched a review of the 2010 last night and the flappy paddles got a decent review.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Can't wait for the first drive. Just need to put everything else back on now (new rad, condenser, air filters, water pump, pulleys etc)
  4. I did, but nothing that hinted to the spark plug condition. 🙂btw: the I used the carista app with wifi reader, so very much a home OBD reading (not professional)
  5. I'm enjoying servicing the V8, and when stripped back it's a hell of a thing to look at. There's no harm in not putting all the engine bay covers back on is there? Has anyone cleaned up and 'presented' their engine? If the covers are just for sound proofing, I'd be happy to live without 'em.
  6. Not directly, but I’ve got books on Concorde, if you let me know what you’d like to know I can have a look?
  7. I've been watching how it's done, but struggling (in general) to find the gaskets anywhere? Is this normal to struggle to get replacement parts for the engine / car, to just symptomatic of lockdown etc?
  8. Added better pics. 136,000 miles, Full Lexus service history up until 90,000 miles and then it gets a bit wooly. Had 132,000 miles when I bought last August.
  9. No. 3 spark plug - I was able to remove this by hand. It's also the hardest to get at due to the (air) suspension turret. I'm guessing that's affected it's fitment.
  10. With the exception of the oily spark plug, all plugs had the same appearance as the one on the left. I'm guessing these are original (since 2006). Is this what I'd expect to see? And anyone any ideas on whats happened to the one on the right? And the damp seal on the fuel pump, common says says I should change this also? Thanks in advance (and apologies for all the questions as my quest to service the motor continues)
  11. It seems that the minute a seal or cover is a bit loose there's no stopping muck / salt / rust. (Really enjoying this strip / clean / re-assemble btw)
  12. Looking through the service history: from new > 2008 : Bristol 2008 > 2015 : Cardiff 2015 > 2016: Birmingham 2016 > 2019: Leicester 2019 > present: Northamptonshire
  13. In my quest to address things that have been on the 'to do' list for a while - and waiting for engine parts to arrive - I removed both rocker panels to find a heck of amount of muck and very battered jacking points. Some of which is my fault, I remember 'kerbing' the passenger side sill in a multi-story back in November, but it looks like it wasn't the only time this happened. Plan is to: Straighten the mangled panels out wire brush and paint / treat with the rust paint/ waxoyl Wash down the panels hot glue any of the sponge that's coming loose Replace the sponge strips running the length of the panel. Doe anyone have any tips on how to straighten everything out? Do I just get a hammer and go for it with a bit of wood? On a side note - check how corroded one of the screws was.
  14. Nice! And it runs fine on Windows 10 and whatever browser that came with?