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  1. I have a spare ML head unit in perfect working order. If anyone would like it make me a sensible offer and its yours. Pictures attached.
  2. Yes superpro poly bushes on the two lower suspension arms and standard rubber on the upper "A" arms. The bushes I removed were all perfectly serviceable but I wanted a bit more precision to make the most of the other changes. I'm still experimenting with the suspension settings and ride height.
  3. I have now rebuilt the entire front suspension with superpro bushes and figs ball joints/new steering arms etc. Had it all aligned/set up...massive improvement over stock but I will go for higher profile tyres (35) when I change them as 30,s are too harsh.
  4. I used a Subaru legacy 2006 paddle shift. Required cutting away all but the switches of the Subaru assembly and designing/welding new fittings to attach it to the column. I've had to relocate the steering column adjustment switch and cut out parts of the plastic lower column cover. It all fits pretty well although it is a tight fit to avoid fouling the other column controls. In theory I understand the wiring but need to splice in some additional connections and find out which wire does what. Found quite a bit online but sadly nothing as simple as a colour chart for the wiring.
  5. Thanks Neil, I already had the PDF manual but despite trawling the net for ages hadn't found the other link. Very useful as it shows I am on the right track. I've mounted my paddles on the column (like a proper race car!) thus avoiding having to mess with wires through the clockspring. I need to identify which of the wires from the manual shift control the up/down shift and then (I think) build in some safeguards so that the paddles work only in sport mode and cannot both be activated simultaneously as I guess the transmission might not enjoy that. Not got much else to do now in lockdown so I've got plenty of time.
  6. Hi, I appreciate this is not something most will be able to help with however does anyone have a wiring diagram for the shifter for a 6 speed transmission? I am trying to find out what the various colour wires coming from/going to the shifter relate to. There are 7 wires: green, black, white, yellow, white with green stripe, blue, white with black stripe. Happy to share the results once/if my paddle shifter project works. Thanks.
  7. Fitted the Cusco strut bar as the final part of the suspension upgrade - it makes a very noticeable difference. The front end feels much more precise - well worth the cost. Bought from Nengun Performance Japan.
  8. Hi Neil, Does the Beat sonic plug straight in with no messing around? I notice the description says it uses the 12 , 6 and 20 pin connectors - my 06 unit has only two connectors (5 and 20 pin) on the back so presumably will not be compatible.
  9. Hi Phil, There are others on this forum who have far greater expertise on this than me but yes it is possible however having done some research and bought a GTA carkits harness that didn't fit I will probably get it all fitted by an expert. I worked out that the components would cost about £700 and have had a quote to fit it all including a reversing camera for about £1100. Obviously you can spend a lot more if you feel the need. For the moment I have a Bluetooth cassette that works well enough until I get round to doing the job properly. Unfortunately as the ML system does not have an aux input the option to plug in a cheap Bluetooth adapter isn't available.
  10. Even more posy to have the roof lower as you walk towards your luxurious car 🙂 Sadly in this weather opening it any way isn't really an option.
  11. I suppose its not a major issue but I was used to having a remote roof on my last convertible and I miss it! Still exploring the options and looking at a Viper alarm. Good point about having the option to stop it half way. Needs more thought.
  12. Has anyone tried converting the roof switch to a one touch using a delay timer relay in between the dash mounted switch and the roof module? In theory I think it should work exactly the same as holding the switch down. I haven't explored the wiring as yet but would guess it will require two delay timers one each for raise and lower. Any information or may be a mad idea but sitting holding the button is frustrating.
  13. Hi Steve, Thanks. I found amayama after I posted this and I'll get round to ordering them sometime.
  14. The problem is that the ports at the back of the radio/head unit differ between US and European units, the European ones don't have the additional CD port. I have contacted Grom, GTA and Beat Sonic and despite asking specifically for a European solution and telling them the port configuration all of them said their kits would fit and sent pictures which clearly showed they would not. GTA told me it was Lexus's fault for installing a non standard unit in my particular car!! It's not such a problem if you are replacing the OEM ML unit but I had wanted to keep it. In their defense I guess the UK/European market is not their main focus given the relatively small number of cars sold here. So until I get round to replacing the entire system I'm going to put up with the standard set-up. IF everything worked first time I'd finish the car then get bored with having nothing to change so at least these problems have some upside.
  15. Update following more late night research, it seems GTA are not correct in saying my radio is a pre 2004 but is in fact a 2006. Mabye the confusion is that the UK and European cars had a different set up to the US/Canadian SC's. Anyway for anyone thinking of buying a GTA car kit it will not fit the later head units with 6 and 20 pins connectors, if in doubt as to what yours is it only took me 15 minutes to get the unit out and look at the connections, only wish I'd done it before buying the kit which will now have to be sent back to Canada at my expense.