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  1. ok cheers mate, wonder how much does difference it makes to real world performance.
  2. cheers mate. do you use something similar for the 300h?
  3. thanks, where did you read that? I spent a bit of time on the US Lexus forums and there doesn;t appear to be any mature solution out there, sadly. Must admit I'm amazed by how poor the real world mpg is with these considering they're just 2ltr, 4 cylinder, turbo charged. People reporting you'll be lucky to get 30mpg with town driving, more likely around 20mpg. For those kind of mpg's I'd want something that sounded a bit better, like v6 , v8 etc.
  4. Good shout, plenty of detail and examples in there. Assuming cars/engines are same beyond being left hand drive https://www.clublexus.com/forums/nx-models-2015-present/852331-nx200t-tuning-list.html
  5. Yeah and I guess that adds to concerns about how it may impact reliability if there aren't many testimonials of long term usage of remaps.
  6. hey, I was considering an isf earlier this tear, prices have gone crazy, nearly 30k for 8 year old versions. Plus high running costs, means the overall package is way more than I'm comfortable spending. I'm tempted to take an is200t fsport out for test drive. Bhp of mid 200's may be more than enough for what I need for a bit of real world fun, whilst having lexus reliability compared to German marques. That said being a turbo engine, i may be intersted possibility of being able to remap or add tuning box down the line. I'm not finding much for these upgrades in the UK. Does anyone know if its possible? Cheers
  7. this has just gone up near to me https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202007081008180?advert-type=dealer-stock&fromDealerProfile=true&dpp=10002790&advertising-location=at_cars Just under 29k. 13 plate so one of the last ones Prices seem to have inflated on ISF's past month or so. Wonder if worth waiting it out more.
  8. Yes sorry, the GSF you've described sounds like the one - couldn;t recall exact details. 2 massive red flags then with that vehicle. Amazing that people purchase a 70k car and don't bother with servicing it! Seems crazy to me. Prices for the GSF seem similar ball park, if only 70 odd registered may take a while for one to appear. Thats another appeal for me with a Lexus F car, you barely see any of them about. Yeah was probably a silly statement mentioning it being 'wallowy' baring in mind its a sports tuned vehicle. Heard a few reviewers mention the RCF and ISF suspension setups are too hard if anything, whereas others say perfectly usable as daily driver on typical roads. I've got no issue with harder setups, obviously will test drive first to be 100%. The Civic Type R sport line is due to be released later this year. They ditch the red driver seats and a lot of red styling trim, alloys smaller (and grey instead of black, I think), smaller spoiler on the back - same performance though. They get great reviews in most places. Still one of the more appealing choices as tick so many boxes for me, shame about over the top looks, part of me thinks I could forgive the boy racer-ish looks for the performance, but not sure I want to risk it (rear looks crap still imo even without the massive spoiler). Bad as it is don't want to feel even slightly self concious/embarrassed getting out of something I've spent good money on. I've been watching their prices over the past couple of years and the first fk8's are creeping down to mid twenties (no corona effect on them yet). , Albeit slightly older and more expensive to run, when you can get F car for similar price it seems an easy one to call at present. No doubt the 4 cylinder turbos are great for real world driving, but Imagine the v8 engine noise really adds to the occasion and makes up for not having immense torque right through the rev range. I've been watching some youtube videos on unmodified F cars and they sound incredible, really get the blood pumping 😄 Never owned a performance car before, my ex wifes 200bhp TT and an 07 Golf GTD are the pinnacles of my driving experiences so far. Imagine v8's are going to become harder and harder to come by over the next decade, so will be great to experience a large NA engine whilst they're still about.
  9. interesting stuff. I'm open minded towards which F at this stage. GSF would be thrown into the mix if I saw one for sale in my range. Mid 25-30k is all I want to spend. I'm in no rush, particularly with all the uncertainty around the economy - which I imagine is more likely to lead to cheaper cars available, although not sure how much it will effect rare F cars. If I recall correctly, think there may have been a blue/purple 2016 GSF up for sale in the mid 30's a month or two back on auto trader. The 2 doors thing really don;t bother me at all, I'm a fitness freak, so lower cars, 2 doors or any slight awkwardness helping daughter into seat is way down my list of priorities/concerns when deciding which car to go for. From what I've heard from you guys, sounds like GSF or RCF would be better for my needs out of the 3 so far. Not sure how big and wallowy GSF is compared to the other 2. Looking at all 3 car weights, doesn;t look like much in it tbh. Just noticed warranty is only £995 for 2 years, seems incredible value compared to German equivalents. I know Lexus have great rep for reliability, but without digging too far I imagine something like a gear box failure can run well into 5 figures as they're 70k cars new. Makes me even more certain to go for one of these now. Peace of mind and long term reliability is one of my priorities when choosing a car, particularly as it will probably be 5 odd year old car I buy and hold for long time. 5 year old RS4 Avant is now in price range but my perception of their reliability and potential maintenance costs aren't great.
  10. Hello chaps and thanks for the responses. I'm 6"1 although I like to claim 6"2 in heels. My daughter is around 115cm, so tall for her age, but I think it'll be many years before I have to worry about her height being an issue. I did actually sit in an RC300 earlier in the year and I was amazed at how spacious it was. In fact there was room for the salesman to sit behind me when I tested how far I could get away with the seat going back - I'd probably push it back further if no one was behind me, but doesn't 'have' to be all the way back. Just have to be honest and reasonable with what the intended use will be. Otherwise we'd all be driving around in camper vans if looking to cover every eventuality/practicality. This will be only car in house hold, so that has to be considered. Apart from the odd trip to the tip, I never really haul load of equipment or stuff around. Trying to talk myself into the RCF I think 😄
  11. Hi everyone, hope you're all well. I was looking at at IS300's earlier in the year, but put it hold for various reasons. I'm now strongly considering an ISF/RCF instead. TBH I like the look of both cars. The advantage of the RCF is I can get a slightly newer one as obviously after 2013 no more ISF's were produced over here. Downside is less rear space and only 2 doors - doors not a big issue for me at all, would rather slight bit of hassle and get the car I really want. Boot capacity looks similar. I'm divorced and would sometimes be using the car for weekends away with my 4 year old daughter. Plenty of room for now, but if camping and a future girlfriend is with us, could get a bit cramped. Is there a big difference beyond that in practicality? ISF's really holding their price at the moment. I suppose could always get roof bars if ever needed. Shame there isn't a touring/estate version. Currently have a standard Civic, which is pretty practical and useable boot/rear space. Shame the Type R's look so extreme... and of course don;t have the incredible sounding V8's. Cheers
  12. @doog442 which black is the Lexus in your profile pic? good looking car.
  13. I took the R out yesterday and the 300h today - a bit to my own surprise I'm learning towards the Lexus. More than enough for what I need in the real world. I was getting carried away thinking I needed as much performance as possible, whereas in reality I don't need anything too excessive. 300h was a nicer place to be , definitely feels more premium and I like the fact you don;t see anywhere near as many on the road compared with other brands. Loved the savage performance of the R, but put off by boy racer image and much higher potential of theft, plus (if the internet is to be believed) higher ongoing costs of ownership. This is the 300h I drove: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201911114250136?radius=1500&model=IS 300&year-from=2015&sort=distance&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&make=LEXUS&postcode=bh119lj&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1 Had 2 big scratches; 1 on the front wing, the other on the rear - the sales man said these can be completely removed easily by the body shop. Not sure if thats reasonable value, no additional extras - solid black fsport. I actually like the colour (tone) black, but aware I'll be cleaning it more frequently to keep it looking decent.
  14. 'HOWEVER the powerdelivery is lets say 'challenging'. Its not a slow car, sub 8 seconds to 60 and picks up speed well. But the way the hybridsetup mimics a CVT system isnt great. There is lots of throttle lag as the system takes time to respond to your right foot, and when the power does come its totally nonlinear/unpredictable. Which essenitally means thrashing one down a B road is like navigating a canal in a oil tanker. Really really frustrating car, because the chassis has so much potential, which is runied by the powertrain.' https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=247&t=1765351 There's a few in stock at my local Lexus dealer, so I'll pop down later today.