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  1. @doog442 which black is the Lexus in your profile pic? good looking car.
  2. I took the R out yesterday and the 300h today - a bit to my own surprise I'm learning towards the Lexus. More than enough for what I need in the real world. I was getting carried away thinking I needed as much performance as possible, whereas in reality I don't need anything too excessive. 300h was a nicer place to be , definitely feels more premium and I like the fact you don;t see anywhere near as many on the road compared with other brands. Loved the savage performance of the R, but put off by boy racer image and much higher potential of theft, plus (if the internet is to be believed) higher ongoing costs of ownership. This is the 300h I drove: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201911114250136?radius=1500&model=IS 300&year-from=2015&sort=distance&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=New&make=LEXUS&postcode=bh119lj&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1 Had 2 big scratches; 1 on the front wing, the other on the rear - the sales man said these can be completely removed easily by the body shop. Not sure if thats reasonable value, no additional extras - solid black fsport. I actually like the colour (tone) black, but aware I'll be cleaning it more frequently to keep it looking decent.
  3. 'HOWEVER the powerdelivery is lets say 'challenging'. Its not a slow car, sub 8 seconds to 60 and picks up speed well. But the way the hybridsetup mimics a CVT system isnt great. There is lots of throttle lag as the system takes time to respond to your right foot, and when the power does come its totally nonlinear/unpredictable. Which essenitally means thrashing one down a B road is like navigating a canal in a oil tanker. Really really frustrating car, because the chassis has so much potential, which is runied by the powertrain.' https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=247&t=1765351 There's a few in stock at my local Lexus dealer, so I'll pop down later today.
  4. Thanks for the responses gents. Like you say, ultimately it's worth taking one for a test drive to experience it for myself. On Pistonheads people complaining about the CVT being slow and unpredictable, making overtaking dangerous at times. I had 07 Golf GTD back in 2011 and although the BHP was only 140BHP, the torque was outstanding and made it feel much more powerful. Are new ISF's in circulation, there's nothing on autotrader newer than 2013.
  5. Hi all, I currently own run of the mill 14 Civic, but now looking at the market to get something a bit more exciting. I've been leaning towards german cars such as 340, 440... even golf r's and s3's. Really enjoyed test driving these, but I'm concerned about reliability and maintenance costs if (or when if you believe half the tales on the internet) things go wrong. This lead me to lexus and their ongoing reputation for reliability. I'm looking to spend around late teens up to 25kish. Initial thought was isf, but not sure I want to spend 20k on a 9 year old car. So which is would you recommend to me for something that's relatively fun to drive, with decent performance? Looking at autotrader, there appears be loads of 300h, but I'm a bit underwhelmed by the 180bhp and 0-60 of 8.4 seconds. Is200 looks more appealing on paper with 245bhp and 0-60 of 7 secs, but not many for sale, none near me. Not really into modding, but if the 300h could be modded to get near 6 seconds 0-60 that would make things a lot more appealing! Overall, maybe my expectations are unrealistic for lexus brand, but would be good to get your opinions. Much appreciated, thanks!
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