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  1. I’ve been driving a 2006 220d for a couple of years now. the shock on the passenger side has gone. One xenon randomly fails within 5 mins of drive time and my whole lighting system headlights and all just switch off! The light is very weak when it’s on anyway so it’s hard to tell. the ‘check VLC’ warning refuses to leave my display despite forking our for a reconditioned DPF and CAT and one new sensor. (It must be the other sensor) the company who ‘fixed’ that the first time now have my car again because... the Clutch has gone and it needs a whole new everything! i bought the car for £1700. They are quoting me £1000 to fix the clutch. I’ve asked them to quote to fix the rest. I love driving a Lexus but resale value is £1500. Should I scrap it or should I repair it?