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  1. This guy is a good reviewer. He already did the ES300h luxury model, now he has the F Sport variant and he really likes it. Looks very nice in black I have to say.
  2. Thanks Luigi. I fully expect the Lexus to be very different. I've come to the point that with traffic and speed limits, having a very sporty car and ride is now irrelevant on our roads. My commute is a mix of urban motorway and back roads and I want it to be as comfortable as possible. Almost like wanting to sink into a comfy chair and waft home in comfort with a great sound system. My Merc is very good at that in fairness, I expect a Lexus IS even better.
  3. Hi y'all! Non Lexus owner in Dublin. Doing research on possible RC or ES as my next car. Currently in a 2019 Merc E220d.
  4. Hi all. New poster here from Dublin. I'm currently in a 2019 Merc E220d AMG spec. But am looking seriously at Lexus for my next car as I like the designs and the hybrid engines. Prior to the Merc I had about 6 BMWs in a row. So it would be a big move away from ze Germans. Lexus are popular over here and well regarded, (I've noted a strange thing on YouTube; the UK reviewers, they don't seem to ever rate any Lexus highly, it seems weird). I'd be looking at an RC or ES, (maybe RX450h 2nd hand at a stretch). I like the look of the ES a lot and the interior is more modern than the RC. On the spec levels, I'm torn between the Takumi (called Premium spec over here) and F Sport. I like the exterior look of the F Sport and the tacho but I think the interior of the F Sport is a bit bland? I wouldn't go for red seats and the black interior seems very black indeed even with the sunroof. The interior of the Premium/Takumi looks a lot more interesting with nice colour combos and better seats and leather. Whats the feeling on these two spec levels? Is the ML sound system as good as they say? And are there any Sonic Titanium owners here? it seems a really interesting colour.