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  1. What are your thoughts on NX300h with over 100k miles on the clock? For my budget, I can get either: - SE 70k miles - Lux 80-90k miles - Premier 115-125 miles I currently drive 3k miles a year but suspect I will do 5k in a nicer car (more staycation holidays) we share the car and having memory seats in the Premier is attractive.
  2. This is disappointing! I narrowed down my search based on price, reliability and a quiet drive - hence the NX300h. I have now learnt about a new terminology AVS! But it seems like I to up my budget for a high milleage 2015 model at £16k to a 2018 model at £25k to get what I need all because of AVS!!! Back to square 1 for an alternative car.
  3. Looking at 2014-2015 NX vs RX, seems to me the NX held it value better than the RX. Using RX value declines for a 2015 model to a 2010 model is about £8-£10k (£1.5-£2k a year), is it fair to assume an NX 2015 model at 17k will be worth 7k in 5 years time? I try to minimise depreciation as I only drive about 2-3k miles a year (to ALDI and back), plus the occasional trip out of town. Time to move on from the 20y old golf cabriolet and into a family car with isofix, comforts, boot space etc
  4. I read on the RAC review page that the NX is not quite refined and suffers road and wind noise. They also mentions feeling road bumps at low speeds. I did a test drive around town at 30mph an agree that I felt the bumps a lot more than I expected. My reference point is how well the VW Golf handles London bumpy roads (maybe I expected worse and was suprised??), the Mazda CX-5 was too jarring. Mini Cooper S unbearable.
  5. is it a bad idea to buy a £10k LS600h? these cars cost 70k plus new, I worry about one small screw coming lose and the repair bill in the thousands. Looking for a super quiet car to drive long distance within the UK, to the ALPS, Spain etc (since flying has become an odd affair with rampant cancelation depending on new C-19 rules). what other Lexus would you rather suggest, my first choice the RX450h is no longer an option, in London, the Cat won't last 2 weeks
  6. many thanks, very helpful. Sounds like its pretty much down to what was ticked as an option rather than SE vs Luxury!
  7. Many thanks Do you have page 29 where each model spec is given, I want to see what the Luxury overs over the SE to justify the price, same as the F-SPort over the Luxury. However, the F-Sport is too 'blingy' for me. I already feel the Nx300h is already too much of a 'look at me car', but I want a Japanese SUV of around 6-7yrs old for the reliability. The only. alternative I can think of is the Mazda CX-5 (dislike the Nissan) and the Current RAV4 is still too new. Thanks again
  8. I am the UK. I am referring to miles. k = thousands (100 thousand miles) - thanks
  9. I am looking at 2014-2015 (maybe 2016) nx300h models, SE, Luxury and Premier. I also see that some come with the convenience pack which sounds like a button to open the rear boot and a wireless charger. What is the spec of the Luxury over the SE. Premier cost about 2.5k over the base model for the same age/miles. That sounds like a low for a Mark Levinson speaker system (would love to have one) I suspect its work getting a newer/lower mile SE/Lux over a premier? any thoughts on nx300h over 100k miles? too much?