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  1. Well, that's not too horrific I guess... clearly pays to shop around! Although if you have modified those socks in any way you must tell your insurer!
  2. Thanks for the encouraging words Dave 👍 Saw a clean 400h SE-L with only 75k and cam belt already done y'day... it was 05 though which is stretching it a bit unfortunately...
  3. That's crazy, surely it makes better sense to keep an existing customer?? Maybe not, but that's what we were told in sales years ago... I threw my toys out of the pram after my last post and started looking at imported JDM Mitsubishi Delicas for a while. Then sent me a quote for 400-ish which is much more doable so I'm hunting for a Lexus again. What a palaver! Anyway, lockdown's put paid to current progress but I'm hoping I'll be a fully-fledged Lexus OC member once the plague abates...
  4. I think I may have cracked it: Have any of you got a Cat Lock fitted?
  5. Thanks Dave Mike Ken and Herbs! Apologies for using Profile names earlier. I wonder if it's the theft angle - seems plausible. I'll dig around and let you know what I find out.
  6. No worries Herbie! I'll persevere - I think I'd suit a Lexus😃 Yours should, in theory, drop I'm guessing...
  7. Hey Herbie, You're right about A-Plan: very nice to deal with. But, still nearly 1k a year on a 56 plate. I'm 49, 4 yrs NCB, no business mileage... the guy at A-Plan seemed to think it was the make and model but you guys are getting sensible quotes.... I'm baffled....
  8. Thanks very much PCM, I'll give them a go as well. I must say, you guys are all very helpful - LOC win!
  9. Thank you Herbie - I've never heard of them. I'll give 'em a go!
  10. Yes, these are more like it. Thanks guys - your feedback is much appreciated. I could understand if I was 21 trying to insure a Subaru or something. Sounds like I might be cancelling with RAC. Shame, they're pretty good usually...
  11. Hi All, I am (was?) going to buy a 06-08 RX400H and just asked current insurer for a quote using a potential motor's plate (a 56). I pay about 36/mth for Saab 9-5 2006... they quoted me £96!! I didn't think hybrids were that much more to insure - am I missing something? TIA
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