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  1. hi all - will not end the problem but some good news. Am sorely tempted to go along to the trial and vent.
  2. hi all Unfortunately my cat converter from our '61 CT200h was stolen off my driveway yesterday evening. They took less than 3mins to do it. I have some questions that I would be grateful for the forum's help. Apologies in advance if these questions are covered in earlier threads. 1. is there anything I need to check/do to prevent further damage to car? So far I see the heatshield hanging down and when car is started, it sounds horrible. Can short journeys be done if no other alternative? 2. I spoke to a leading independent garage specialising in Lexus/Toyota who quoted £650 approx to fit non-Lexus cat and oxygen sensor. They note that non-lexus parts are not as in demand by the criminals as the Lexus converter. Does the forum agree? They assure me this part confirms to European standards and made in the UK by a large manufacturer of cat converters. Would this repair/replacement be covered by most insurers? A cat lock security plate would have be sourced from Lexus and cost £250 extra. Is this worth having if the non-Lexus converter is fitted. 3. The local Lexus dealer is quoting £1250 for replacing with Lexus parts and a further £250 to fit cat lock security plate. What are the benefits of the dealer route versus the non-Lexus part from independent garage? 4. I have heard that steel cable can be wrapped around cat converter for anti-theft - has anyone had this fitted? Thank you Jerry
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